The list of all my concerts with this band or at this venue or in this city:

Sun, 16. Oct 2011  Thees Uhlmann
LKA, Stuttgart
Tue, 20. Mar 2012  Thees Uhlmann Substage, Karlsruhe
Fri, 23. Mar 2012  Thees Uhlmann FranzK, Reutlingen
Wed, 05. Jun 2013  Thees Uhlmann Ulmer Zelt, Ulm
Sun, 10. Nov 2013  Thees Uhlmann LKA, Stuttgart
Sun, 09. Mar 2014  Thees Uhlmann Substage, Karlsruhe
Tue, 09. Aug 2016  Thees Uhlmann (+ Matze Rossi) SO 36, Berlin
Fri, 16. Aug 2019
- Sun, 18. Aug 2019 
Highfield (mit u.a. 30 Seconds To Mars, Jan Delay, The Offspring, SDP, Fettes Brot, Feine Sahne Fischfilet, Frank Turner, Thees Uhlmann, Royal Republic, Pennywise, Muff Potter, Skindred, Talco, Montreal, Monsters of Liedermaching, Schmutzki, Kmpfsprt, Rogers, Sookee, Die Orsons, PUP, Blackout Problems, Mayday Parade, Nothing But Thieves, Samy Deluxe) Störmthaler See, Großpösna
Sun, 06. Aug 2023  Thees Uhlmann KUZ, Mainz
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