About me

I am a concert junkie. And proud to be a concert junkie!

And who am I? Well: Ruth Fuchss, born in ’79. At concerts and on the internet, hardly anybody knows me by my real name, but rather by my nickname Susi S. And yes, it was a stupid idea to come up with a nickname – this only gives you trouble. Especially when it is a STUPID nickname. But I noticed that way too late, and by then, I had gotten used to it. So by now you have to expect that I don’t respond when you call me “Ruth” at a concert… 😉

I love concerts and live music. On average, I visit about one concert per week. Not because I want to visit as many concerts as possible or be “the best fan”, but simply because it is great fun. Could you imagine a nicer hobby than this? I can’t.

And this is what this website is about: concerts, festivals, music! The main focus is on concert and festival reports, and of course there are also some photos to go along with that. But I have to admit that I’m not a photographer, and I don’t have any ambitions to become one. I love it if some pictures turn out really nice, but often, I have to content myself with photos that are more like so-so. But when you get to see pictures of “your” band, the quality is not always the most important factor, or is it? 😉

I won’t start to enumerate my favorite bands here, otherwise I couldn’t stop. The top three bands are probably Kaizers Orchestra, Skambankt, and Die Ärzte – at varying positions. And followed up by looooots of other bands. If you want to get an impression of what kind of music I like, just take a look at the list of my concerts. That’s gotta be enough.

Of course there’s a lot more information about me in my blog. Most entries there deal with music and concerts as well. And with Norway, a country that I never really cared about – until I fell in love with a band from that country. And well… by now I speak Norwegian fluently, a lot of my favorite bands come from Norway, and in 2014, I moved. 😉