04/05.09.2009 Preview Verket-Festival (Mo i Rana)

July 2009. I just returned from my vacation in Norway – including an absolutely amazing concert of Kaizers Orchestra at Månefestivalen in Fredrikstad. And coming back home from vacation is always bad – especially, if you don’t have another vacation planned, no concert trip, nothing. Just work to look forward to…

This and the fact that I assume Kaizers will take another break now made me think – there must be some other festival show I can see this summer, right? So I checked the dates. Almost all shows were in the next two, three weeks. Hrmpf. I mean, I have a great job and can take days off whenever I like most of the time. But then, I DO have to work once in a while inbetween my trips. And I can’t come home from vacation and go back to Norway the next week, that feels stupid.

I checked the dates again. Hmm, this Verket festival at the beginning of September? That would be the perfect time. I can allow myself another weekend trip then, can’t I? And most probably it’s gonna be the last show before the break, another reason to go there. I thought I remembered that I had considered this show before but dismissed the thought before it could really settle. Why was that? And by the way, where in Norway is Mo i Rana?

A few minutes and a short visit to Google Maps later the memory of why I had dismissed the thought was back, and somehow the date didn’t seem quite that perfect anymore…

But hey, I don’t call myself Konzertjunkie for nothing! There’s trains to Bodø, right? So it’s gonna be affordable. Hey, and they can’t take much more than… uh, 16 hours from Oslo. *cough* OK, maybe flying is a better alternative. Hey, and not even that expensive!

To cut it short: Three days later I had found a pretty good flight connection that would get me to Bodø Friday afternoon and back to Germany by Monday afternoon. And even affordable! AND: I had convinced a friend to come along! 🙂 (Well, if you can call “Festival? Kaizers? YES of course, I’m almost done booking, when was that again???” convincing… *lol*)

So, now I’m going up to Mo i Rana to see Kaizers play at Verketfestival. And because you can’t travel that far just to see one band, I’m going to Bodø Friday, gonna meet my friend there, we’ll hire a car to go down to Mo i Rana, might catch (hopefully!) a bit of the festival on Friday night already, have a nice day visiting the area on Saturday, a GREAT evening with even better music and concerts, and then we’ll have the whole Sunday to drive back to Bodø and see a bit of Nordlandet. Jippie, I am SO looking forward!

Oh, but this was actually supposed to be about the festival a bit here as well… 😉
So, Verket will take place for the first time this year, so it’s gonna be really interesting. In general, I have the feeling that (especially small) festivals in Norway are organized much better than in Germany. But then, for the first time? We’ll see how that works out. It won’t be perfect, probably, but then it is gonna be small, which is something that I love. 🙂
And the program got a lot to offer: On Friday, it’s gonna be Katzenjammer (who we will miss, most probably :(), Marit Larsen, CC Cowboys, and Paperboys. And on Saturday I guess I’ll just HAVE to check out Alexander Rybak, then Hjaltalin from Iceland will be there (I saw them at Slottsfjell and liked them pretty good), and as headliners The September When and Kaizers. What else could you wish for? 🙂

So, I can’t wait! I have to admit though that it does feel a bit strange to go up to the arctic circle for a festival just because Kaizers play there – especially now, since it’s been confirmed that they will play a free festival close to Oslo the same weekend – but hey, we are gonna have so much more fun up there! *g*

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