17.10.2014 Skambankt (Folken, Stavanger)

It’s definitely awesome to be able to walk to concerts – and even to concerts of Norwegian bands! But … you didn’t really expect me to stop traveling to concerts now, or did you? =;-)

Two Skambankt concerts on one weekend, Friday and Saturday, in Stavanger, with decent hotel prices and affordable flights – what else could you possibly want? Said and done and booked. Finally time for another concert weekend!

As expected, the Friday concert wasn’t sold out. It was added as extra concert after the Saturday concert had been sold out, and such shows tend to be a bit calmer than the “real” concerts. Still, the audience was so much into the show right away! No comparison to Trondheim … singing, dancing, shouting from the second song (Kald kald natt as opener was also received well, but there’s not much the audience can “do” there). So it was clear right from the beginning that this would be a great show with an awesome atmosphere, and that’s just how it turned out!

However, I was really amused by some people in the audience, I gotta admit. That girl in front of me who had obviously been dragged along by her boyfriend – and who spent at least three full songs taking selfies!! One after the other … *argh* Or the girl who suddenly turned up next to me during Voodoo, dancing real hippie-ish and calmly – I mean, she obviously had a lot of fun and I love to see people getting so captured by a concert that they are fully lost in the music and forget everything around them … but when she continued dancing that way during the beginning of Alarm, I couldn’t stop myself from grinning and shaking my head. =;-)

A big thumbs-up to the security that did NOT stop people from having fun this time, like they did the last few times in Trondheim … And a big WTF?!? to all those people who pushed their way to the front just to complain to the security about the big bad guys that were in the crowd dancing and having fun. *rolleyes* Guys, you are at a rock concert. If you don’t like getting pushed, move over to the side, it’s that easy …

But back to the concert. There was much more talk than in Trondheim, but I’m not sure how much I remember …

An awesome thing was of course when Skambankt took the guy who won the guitar competition up on stage so he could play with them on Me sa nei. Okay, maybe Terje should have introduced him as Anders and not as Magnus, but well … alle har me gjort vår del av feil, ikke sant? =;-) Anders played really well, he even got to do the solo in the end, and he managed the “rock” part as well. Awesome! Skambankt definitely picked the right winner there.

Just like they picked the right girl to come up on stage and count in during Alarm! She looked a bit confused in the beginning and didn’t seem to know why she suddenly ended up on stage, but she did a good job and had fun on stage during the remainder of the song.

Terje was glad to talk some English on stage because of some Germans that had traveled to Stavanger for the concerts – “det er ikke ofte me får snakke engelsk på scenen!” Hans-Egil was in “top form” today – “uh, which of course doesn’t mean that you, Tollak or Børge, are not in top form, just that …. uh …” *lol* At some point in time, Terje pointed out the kids on the balcony and stated that now it’s their turn to make music – confused faces in the audience, short cheering and then doubtful looks on the balcony … “Uuh. Are you wondering what I wanted to say here? Actually, I am as well …” *g* But then he did explain that those were the kids from Anders’ school. And finally we got to choose the last song of the encores: either Min eliksir or Panzersjokk. “And if you don’t know either of them, go for the cooler name. So do you want Min eliksir or PANZERSJOKK!!!?” The audience voted wrong, but Skambankt decided right and played Panzersjokk anyway. *yay*

A really fun concert – let’s see if they can top it tomorrow!

The setlist:

  • Kald kald natt
  • Skambankt
  • O dessverre
  • Me sa nei
  • Dynasti
  • Desertør
  • Bak låste dører
  • Voodoo
  • Alarm
  • Vår bør
  • Som en sirene
  • Malin
  • Mantra
  • Stormkast #1
  • Anonyme hatere
  • Panzersjokk

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