09.06.2012 Xutos & Pontapés (Kolping-Arena, Kloten)

09.06.2012 – Photos Xutos & Pontapés (Kolping-Arena, Kloten)

Yay! Time for another Xutos concert! =:-D

Xutos & Pontapés returned to Switzerland, and after seeing them there and in Luxembourg last year, I kinda knew what to expect this time. So I wasn’t surprised to see that this concert was held in an arena taking more than 10.000 people… And considering how relaxed the concerts were last year, I didn’t even mind the big arena.

Turned out that there really was no reason to be concerned about the huge crowd and not being able to see anything or having to queue up for hours everywhere – everything was well organized, and in addition, it wasn’t too crowded. Actually, it looked quite empty, at least in the beginning – however, I assume that it wasn’t too bad and that the amount of people was sufficient to make up for the spendings. At least I hope so; I mean, I want Xutos again next year! =:-)

The night started out with the Euro tournament game between Germany and Portugal on big screens – and I really mean “big” here. I had expected some TV screens, but no, we got two real video screens, yay! And I even liked the result… But why did everyone else applaud and cheer at the wrong times?! *g* Of course, the night might have been even better with a different result, but then, I assume Portuguese are used to losing at soccer… uhem. =;-)

Right after the game, the program started with “DJ Master Flo & Friends”. And that really sucked, sorry. The sound was awful, and the performances were really bad as well. Plus, nobody cared. I was starting to get afraid that this might not be as much fun as expected… especially because of the sound. I mean, what was that?! You could hardly hear anything.

In the end, it turned out that most likely they weren’t allowed to use the “real” PA, because when the support band, Herman José and band, came on, the sound was terrific all of a sudden. So yep, that sounded promising! Suddenly, it was possible to understand what was being said on stage – uh, or at least parts of it, because I found out my Portuguese is really more than rusty. At least I managed to follow most stories and jokes that the guy was telling until right before the punchline. Which sucks. *gnaah* Plus, I didn’t know any of the songs they played. So no, unfortunately that didn’t work for me. It seemed like most people were enjoying the gig a lot though, and I can understand that, it just wasn’t for me.

But well, I was there because of Xutos anyway, and they came on shortly after. And played Não sou o único, the first song I ever heard of them, as second song. And of course they got me right there! =:-) I can’t really report a lot about the concert (because there wasn’t that much happening except for them playing songs *g*), but it was amazing – again! The atmosphere in the front was really great, especially in the beginning (got a bit quiet when they played a couple of ballads and love songs in succession). Overall, it seemed like the audience could have been more enthusiastic though. Nobody seemed to understand what they were up to in the middle of Dia de S. Receber, and so hardly anybody sang (or rather screamed *g*) along. Too bad! And just as sad a performance as the soccer team, if I understood that comment correctly. =;-)

They did the part again where drummer Kalú sang one song, accompanied by Zé Pedro on the guitar. Big fun! =:-) And then they did a cover of a song of a Brazilian band because they did that for Rock in Rio as well. If I understood correctly, not sure. *g*

Oh wait, guess I DID understand: Titãs – Vossa Excelência

So, all in all, a great concert and huge fun! Even though it was much too short, of course. *g* It took forever, but I did manage to get hold of a setlist after the concert, so here it is:

Não sou o único
À minha maneira
Barcos gregos
Homem do leme
Remar remar
Gitos mudos
Conta-me histórias
Circo de feras
Perfeito vazio
Negras como a noite
Quem é quem
V. Exas
Alta rotação
Dados viciados
Dia de S. Receber
Chuva dissolvente

Ai se ele cai

P’ra sempre

Most people left right after the show, and those who didn’t had to endure a couple of more songs of DJ Flo, but only a few because they noticed pretty soon that it didn’t work. =;-)

Overall, this was an awesome night, and I’m still amazed by the fact that something like this is possible in Switzerland! Thousands of Portuguese coming together for such an event. Marvellous! =:-D

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