29.02.2012 Kaizers Orchestra (Sentrum Scene, Oslo)

Three concerts in Oslo! Just perfect, and a chance for me to celebrate my birthday in Oslo. Something that hopefully won’t have too much negative impact on my reports, but well… let’s see. =;-)

The first night already had a couple of “firsts”. I mean, I’ve seen this band well over a hundred times by now, but still it was the first time that I:

  • was considerably late – hey, how can a band go on stage in Oslo at half past nine?! We were sure they wouldn’t start before ten, and so we had planned to be at Sentrum Scene around nine thirty. Which ended up being almost ten in the end, of course – and thus almost half an hour late… *cough*
  • stood in the very last row – since we arrived so late we had to go up to the gallery to have a chance to see anything at all. And there, high up and in the very back, we had a fantastic view! With a great overview over the whole audience, the complete stage was visible, we could really enjoy the light show for once, and in addition, there was so much space for dancing and having fun. Yay!
  • took out my earplugs a couple of songs before the end of the concert – not because it wasn’t loud (it was!), but because you don’t hear the audience very well with earplugs in. And the audience was singing so loudly and so impressively that I just HAD to listen and enjoy that!

And actually, that already says a lot about the concert. The atmosphere was just amazing, the band seemed really enthusiastic, and the audience was having a great time. OK, of course a bit less up on the gallery (since, according to the Jackal, all hardcore fans were down in front of the stage – ey! -, and people on the gallery are sitting and only standing up when requested) – except for the very last row, of course. In the end, Kaizers just kept coming back – very unusual for them, but they just HAD to this time! According to the set list, they had planned four songs as encore – and the last one of these was “Sonny” – yay! After that, they came back once more for Resistansen, which really got the audience singing and dancing. And then, after they went of again, the audience kept shouting for “Die Polizei”, so that they didn’t really have a choice – any yes, we got that final song! And we kept singing for at least ten minutes after the band went off. Sooooo nice! =:-)

As mentioned, we missed the first couple of songs and arrived during Støv og sand. But here’s the complete set list: I ett med verden, Tusen dråper regn, Knekker deg til sist, 9mm, Støv og sand, Kavalér, Blitzregn baby, Philemon Arthur & the Dung, Prosessen, Enden av november, Far til datter, De involverte, Jævel av en tango, Diamant til kull, Bøn fra helvete, Din kjole lukter bensin mor, En for orgelet en for meg, Svarte katter & flosshatter, Hjerteknuser. First encore KGB, Tokyo Ice til Clementine, Drøm videre Violeta, Sonny. Second encore Resistansen. Third encore Die Polizei.

A couple of details: Almost everyone at the concert had seen Kaizers before. The other ten were welcomed to the family by the rest, of course. *g* According to a student study (uh… sounds weird in English *g*), Kaizers are the band that is played most at concert “vorspiels”. The poor Jærbladet journalist who had wondered before if people in Oslo can sing along at all during a Kaizers concert, since they don’t really understand, was easily convinced: Oh yes, people in Oslo sing along just as much as people in Stavanger! And Kaizers will never be serious, because that ruins a concert. Actually, they are all about “tull og tøys”, thus fun and nonsense. =;-) Hellraizer even won a silver medal at a kidding-competition in Germany! Once more, the “Russian opening” for Hjerteknuser won; even though the French opening is so great – with parachutes and so on… *lol*

And as always, the hero of the day was Helge! Under Far til datter, he stood there emotionless and not caring, hitting the oil barrel without squinching, and then as always under Svarte katter. Our “Helge” chants didn’t really have a chance to spread since we were on the gallery – but well, new day today… *g* Helge thanked the audience for the applause, through the Jackal – “He just asked me to say that. It’s… hmm, not telepathy, but it works through the beard!”

Yay, such a great opening concert! And tonight it’s time for my birthday concert. Maybe we’ll even make it in time tonight… *cough*

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