13.05.2010 Katzenjammer (Substage, Karlsruhe)

Schicht im Schacht… that was the motto of the concert, or rather the motto of the whole concert week at Substage. To be precise, it was the motto of the LAST concert week at Substage! =:-( So it was no wonder that I had mixed feelings about the concert… I’ve been to Substage over and over again since 2002, and there’s lots of great memories connected to it – and now it’s gone. =:,-(

But actually, I wanted to write about Katzenjammer here. Well, what should I say? Fabulous, amazing, fantastic, adorable, ingenious, energetic, phenomenal and all in all just plain out great. =:-) The atmosphere was great right from the beginning, everybody was joining in, singing along, dancing, having fun. And by now I even understand the tale about the viking chiefs. *g* All the new songs are fabulous, and I would say it’s time for a second album now, right? And please use ALL of the new songs. Don’t mind if you’ll have to make it a double CD then. *g*

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