2.5.2009 Kaizers Orchestra (Blæst, Trondheim)

After only three hours of sleep and seven hours on the train, we arrived in Trondheim – and the weather fit our mood pretty well… Cold, gray, rainy, and the last concert of the tour. Plus, there were rumors that too many tickets had been sold, which made us worry that the place would be so terribly crowded that the concert wouldn’t be any fun.

But our old strategy “come at some time not too long after the doors open” worked out fine again, and we occupied Killmaster’s corner in front of the stage. And our mood improved constantly, even though it was the last show of the tour.

At 9:30, the concert started, and it didn’t take more than two songs until everybody knew that this would be a worthy conclusion of the tour! To cut it short: This was definitely the best concert of the tour! The band was full of energy, the audience knew all the songs, and everybody wanted to celebrate. And it was obvious that Trondheim was the biggest concert of the tour, besides Bergen – you could hear that clearly from how loud the audience was. And that from the very beginning – so nothing could go wrong here. =;-)

The setlist was almost the same as for the other concerts, with the only exception that Kaizers played Kontroll på kontinentet instead of Ompa til du dør. Not sure if this was planned like that or whether they did it spontaneously after Killmaster played the intro. Doesn’t matter, it was a nice change! Even tough it meant that the two oil barrels (that actually fit on the stage this time!) weren’t used at all. =;-) Of course the Jackal introduced the band during the song, as always – but as he was standing on the other side of the venue at that time, thus on the bar instead of the stage, his collegues couldn’t stop him to point out that he had forgotten to introduce Hellraizer… =;-)

There was a lot less talk this time than at Mono. Especially at the end of the concert, song followed after song without any talk inbetween – and this fit the atmosphere perfectly. There was the usual small talk in the beginning of course: Who was there at the last Kaizers concert at Blæst? (“You were only six years old back then, how did you get in?”) Both the Jackal and Skambankt have played Blæst before, and it was always a great experience. Who came from Stavanger for the concert? (That was a WHOLE lot of people!) And from Bergen? From north of Trondheim? From Bryne? And after Killmaster threatened to leave the stage: From Klepp? There were no Danes there, but well, the Jackal hates Danes anyway. Or rather, not the Danes, but their language. And then there’s the dilemma that Jærsk sounds a bit like Danish… but that’s the reason why the Jackal speaks two different dialects.

And then the Jackal assured us: No need to be nervous. Everything will go fine! Jep, it did. =:-) We only had to be ready and show it, so that Kaizers could get started with the next song. =;-) And even though there was no decision regarding which day of the week would be best, Kaizers will play in Trondheim every week from now on. *g*

I found it incredibly funny when the Jackal announced “Fanden hakk i hel”. This song came up very early in the process of making the Maestro album – and at the moment the Jackal mentioned the word “prosessen”, the audience started cheering loudly… *gg*

The audience took over the singing regularly – very impressive. Seems that all the hardcore fans were there, and Trondheim sings loudest and best in Norway. The Jackal appreciated that and jumped into the audience already during Våre Demoner – and then again during Kontroll på kontinentet, where he ended up on the other side of the room, as mentioned already.

Apart from the new live favorites Prosessen, Kavaler and Senor Torpedo, I was really impressed by “Du og meg Lou” this time – it started with Killmaster at the tambourine and the audience clapping. And it took a while to explain to the audience that they should NOT speed up. Which worked pretty well, actually. Then the song started, and after the first few lines, Killmaster stormed forward to grab the Jackal’s microphone. And for the first time on this tour he managed – at least according to someone who knows Swedish =;-) – to sing his part correctly. So the Jackal was right in Stavanger, when he promised that Killmaster would get it right at the end of the tour! Jap, promised during the second show of the tour on Thursday, and performed perfectly on the last show on Saturday – not bad! *g*

According to the Jackal, we’ll get to hear Sonny again during the future concerts. Under månen, on the contrary, was officially buried and played for the very last time. =:-( That’s sad, but no big surprise, considering that during all four concerts there was always at least one of the band who started asking “how was the melody again??” *g*

Hah, ja… and that was it. A wonderful concert – and a wonderful tour! A BIG thank you to Kaizers for the amazing concerts, and an even BIGGER thank you to Linda and Lena – without you guys, I probably would have seen one concert at max. And for sure I wouldn’t have had half the fun! See you in Fredrikstad… =:-)

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