30.4.2009 Kaizers Orchestra (Cementen, Stavanger)

And on we go! I’ll only list up my notes here today, because there is so much to do in Oslo (I heard there’s some photo exhibition that might be worth a visit *g*, and then there’s another signing session – and who knows, maybe it’s possible to finally get hold of a CD there?), so I just don’t have any time for a “real” report. =;-)

The doors to the tiny concert place opened at 8 p.m. already – and it seemed like nobody had expected that. When we arrived around 8:30, there were only five people there, and they were up on the “gallery”. The room was really tiny, and from the first row, it was about twenty centimeters to the microphones. And of course we couldn’t resist THAT opportunity. *g*

The setlist was exactly the same as in Bergen, thus: Mr. Kaizer hans Constanze og meg, Kavalér, Medisin & Psykiatri, Fanden hakk i hel, Prosessen, Die Polizei, Senor Torpedo, Våre demoner, Den sjette sansen, Du og meg Lou og din fru, Sonny, KGB, Apokalyps meg, Ompa til du dør, encore Under månen.

Already during Mr. Kaizer, the whole front row (and presumably, the rest of the audience as well *g*) stood there, arm in arm, singing along – and even though there hadn’t been any singing or shouting for Kaizers before the concert, the atmosphere was cooking right from the beginning.

So, here’s the rest of my notes:

– The Jackal greeting the audience with something like: “Hello! Great to see there’s so… uh, few of you!” – well, I’m always bad at guessing numbers, but I doubt there were more than 100 people in there. =;-)

– But the Kaizers audience is just amazing. Kaizers themselves grow older and older, but the audience stays young. Well, except for Truls. *lol* And all in all, the current Kaizers audience is the best of all!

– There were quite a lot of Non-Norwegians in the audience – for example a girl from the Netherlands who had brought along some local Dutch spirit for Kaizers, so that they could learn about how the Dutch celebrate their national day.

– The Jackal asked her whether she understood Norwegian. The answer: “Yes, a bit…” The Jackal: “It’s always the same thing with the fans from abroad. First, they don’t understand a word, and two years later, they suddenly speak Norwegian. And guess what dialect… ” =;-) Yep, I can confirm that. *g*

– Before they played Prosessen, Mink asked to say something. He thought that now was the right time to dedicate a song to someone! And expecially THAT song. To a certain author – namely Tore Renberg, who has liked the song since he first heard it eight years ago.

– Before playind “Die Polizei”, the Jackal explained that fans always like the live version of a song better than the studio version. Also for Die Polizei. Even though Kaizers themselves, they like the studio version much better – but then, it’s okay to disagree. And that’s the reason why they actually play the live version at concerts…

– Up next: The submarine song! Submarine song?! Nobody seemed to have a clue what the Jackal was talking about. “How about you up there, you work for us, do you know what song I’m talking about?” Well… he was talking about: Senor Torpedo! *argh*

– Våre demoner was announced as the “surf song” again, inspired by Hellraizer’s trips to California. And talking about Hellraizer – he’s so experienced in the music business that the Jackal always asks his advice during concerts.

– Before “Den sjette sansen” the Jackal explained again that fans always like the OLD version, and not the one that is new and fresh and well arranged. The old version is always better! And it’s absolutely okay to be of that opinion, but well – Kaizers will play the new and better version anyway. =;-p

– Then again “Du og meg Lou”, with Killmaster singing in Swedish. But it seems like there is still some room for improvement… The Jackal promised that this would get better throughout the tour, a bit better day by day, and at the very end it’ll be perfect. =;-)

– Sonny was very impressive again, KGB was rather uneventful, and it was Hellraizer who had chosen to play Apokalyps meg, because it actually starts with a guitar intro rather than an organ intro like all other songs. And of course, we had to wish him luck for the intro: “Lykke til, Geir Zahl!”

– For Ompa til du dør (the song that eventually started the fairy tale Kaizers Orchestra), Kaizers needed an oil barrel, of course, which was brought in through the crowd. No way it could have been on the stage throughout the concert – there wasn’t any room for it.

– The last song was Under månen again – a very nice song, but I don’t think it works out as the only encore.

That was is, and we agreed: They could have started over right away! That’s how great is was – and how short. =;-) But luckily, we only saw half of the concerts until now…

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