21.11.2008 Kaizers Orchestra (Postbahnhof, Berlin)

Hmm… actually I had planned to celebrate my 100th concert by NOT writing a concert report. =;-) But it was just too good, so I have to, I guess… *g* But I don’t have any photos this time.

As at the other concerts of the tour, the Postbahnhof really wasn’t filled – but the atmosphere was very good anyway. Somehow it’s always a bit different in Berlin, and the audience is much louder and wilder. Great! Again the concert started with a few songs by Micke from Sweden – very good, ’cause I had forgotten to buy the CD in Düsseldof. And then Mintzkov who got a whole lot of applause this time.

Here’s the Kaizers setlist: Medisin & Psykiatri, På ditt skift, Frå sjåfør til passasjer, Djevelens orkester, Tokyo Ice til Clementine, Død manns tango, Container, Delikatessen, Moment, Kontroll på kontinentet, Min kvite russer, KGB, Dr. Mowinckel, Katastrofen, Enden av november, Apokalyps meg, Dieter Meyers Inst., encore Naade and Maestro.

The concert was actually quite long this time – mostly because the Jackal started talking for minutes after each song. =;-) But hey, it was the last concert after all, and after 91 concerts this year, they were actually quite eager to get home again and have some time off. The crying and sobbing in the audience didn’t help there. =;-)

During Tokyo Ice, Micke from Sweden stormed on stage in the middle of the song and performed a tap dance. Including some snow showers. *g* Of course they had the breaks in Container and Delikatessen again, and during Kontroll på kontinentet, the Jackal actually introduced the band again, yeah! =:-) But then Hellraizer’s introduction took some time… He noticed that you get lots of weird sounds from a guitar if you play it with the microphone stand… *g* Guess he needed that to make up for all the technical problems he had that night. =;-) But well, after a while he probably got bored, and so he pulled the towel off his head himself and spit out his fountain.

Then Min kvite russer with loud and impressive singing in the audience, not only at the places where it is normal. During KGB, Omen stood at the keyboards swinging like James Last, until he decided to strike a cool pose, with his hand on the lamp… which seemed to be hot though. =;-) Before playing Dr. Mowinckel, Hellraizer had to instruct the Jackal how he had to hit the barrel, and then the oldest Kaizers song.

Well, and I guess that someone else should take over the reporting at this point, at least my memory is kinda leaky now… =;-) The Jackal started talking about “someone” seeing them for the 100th time, and so I was called up on stage (and I got the bruises to prove it, stupid edge of the stage, I KNEW that stages are evil! *g*). And then the Jackal questioned me for what felt like two hours… and with that kind of questions where I can’t even come up with good answers a day later now… *g* Hey, I have no clue what was the best concert or why a concert is good or not. Either it is or it is not! =;-) Then I was allowed to/supposed to/had to sit on the barrel through Enden av November. And yep, of course that was great, even if I complain. =:-) But then, a short congratulation from the stage and then Salt og Pepper would have been enough as well. *g* In any case: Thank you guys so much for the hundred great concerts and the very special number 100, and I’m really looking forward to the next (few *cough*) hundred! =:-)

Well, and then of course I wasn’t thaaat concentrated anymore for the rest of the show… =;-) But there was only Apokalyps meg and Dieter Meyers Inst. before they went off. Then as encore, Naade and Maestro with a great atmosphere on stage and in the audience, and then every Kaizer was introduced again to the audience. Including Killmaster lifting up Thunder. And actually it was obvious that they would come out once more and play another encore, but in the end, one of the organizers came on stage and announced (without microphone, because for whatever reason *g* the microphone wasn’t turned on) that there was a party now and so the concert was finished. Idiot. But as a little goodie, the Jackal came out once more with Mink on his shoulders, motioning that there really wouldn’t be more. A pity, but the concert was great the way it was!

And so this is the end of the tour now – and this tour was one of the nicest, actually. One reason was the great and changing setlist (even though some of the concerts weren’t as good as I would have hoped for, just because there were so few people there), another one all the nice people! Thanks so much to all of you, and we’ll meet on the next tour! And during the Kaizers break, we’ll probably have to come up with something else… but hey, there will be another Kaizers tour at some time! =:-)

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