20.11.2008 Kaizers Orchestra (LKA, Stuttgart)

Finally a concert in my home town (or rather the city next to my home town, but that’s good enough)! For the very first time! =:-D OK, I guess I shouldn’t mention that it still took an hour to drive there, but well, that’s Stuttgart… But then I know the LKA pretty well, and because of that I was kinda doubtful while we were standing outside and waiting (the doors didn’t open until a quarter to eight, even though they should have opened at seven). There were very few people there actually – okay, not a big surprise on this tour, though. =:-(

But inside, they had actually closed of half the hall with curtains, and even though the ticket price was so high and this was the first Kaizers concert in Stuttgart, quite a few people showed up. I’m very bad at estimating, but I guess it was about the same number of people as in Düsseldorf, so definitely not too bad for a first concert. =:-)

Of course they started out with the same announcements that every band makes at LKA. They want to get their poster up on the ceiling of the backstage! He he, it’s cool to know a club from other concerts than just Kaizers concerts. *gg* Because that’s something that every band talks about at LKA.

The setlist was a bit different from the other concerts: Medisin & Psykiatri, På ditt skift, Frå sjåfør til passasjer, Evig pint, Ompa til du dør, Bøn fra helvete, Mann mot mann, Dr. Mowinckel, Di grind, Delikatessen, Container, Moment, 170. Encore Naade and Maestro, second encore Die Polizei.

I don’t remember a lot of the announcements – but all in all, the atmosphere was really good. A lot of people knew the lyrics and everybody was singing and shouting along. And dancing of course. So this is why the Jackal asked before almost every song whether they should play a GOOD song or a DANCEABLE one? The first time, there was a clear vote for danceable, so they chose to not play Død manns tango, even though it was on the setlist, and substitute it by Mann mot mann. The next time, the vote was about 50:50, so they just decided to play a good and danceable song. =;-)

During Bøn fra helvete, the Jackal probably didn’t really trust the audience in singing along yet (understandable *g*), so he and Hellraizer did the singing. Almost without microphone, again. =:-) But then lateron, we got to sing during Maestro. Commentary Jackal: “How cuuuuute!” *rofl*

And then the Jackal explained that they actually had quite some difficulties in getting to Stuttgart (so that’s probably also why the doors opened so late): They had been in a traffic control, and their bus was in a very bad condition, so they were not allowed to go on with it… Well, and so they got to drive to Stuttgart in police cars, with the sirens on, all the way =;-)

But honestly, they were in quite a good mood for that! Just wondering how they will make it to Berlin now, but let’s wait and see.. *g*

So, and then some details… Before they played Dr. Mowinckel, the Jackal explained: “I will give you the beat, you will dance – and Hellraizer will sing!” In Container and Delikatessen there were some long pauses again; in Container, it was everybody except for Killmaster who didn’t move, whhile he could do whatever he wanted. *g* And during Delikatessen, the Jackal climbed up on the barrel before and stopped with his mouth gaping and wagging his tongue… or something like that. =;-) Then an announcement about photo cameras: “We have strict rules there! We… love it!” And then of course it was “picture time” and they posed for the cameras. *g* The break before the last hit on the barrel was very long in 170 this time, because the Jackal wanted the audience to be really quiet. And I actually really liked the ending this time. =:-)

And then they had to play Die Polizei as last song of this day, of course, and that was it. The audience was on their way out, but of course – like almost all other bands at LKA – Kaizers showed up on the balcony in front of the backstage rooms after a few minutes! But in contrary to “all other bands”, they added a special encore, namely Mr. Kaizer, hans Constanze og meg. Absolutely terrific. Check it out on YouTube (and don’t forget to turn off the sound before, uhem… sorry *g*).

A very nice ending for a great concert! And they just HAVE to come back to Stuttgart on the next tour! =:-)

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One Response to “20.11.2008 Kaizers Orchestra (LKA, Stuttgart)”

  1. Heike says:

    Genau dieses Konzert war mein “Einstieg”:) Eine Freundin hatte mich mitgenommen. Jetzt hoffe ich, dass sie nächstes Jahr auf der großen Tour nach Stuttgart kommen. 🙂

    LG Heike