16.11.2008 Kaizers Orchestra (Stahlwerk, Düsseldorf)

Hmm… naah. Didn’t really like that one. Not sure why – maybe because of the 600 kilometers between the last concert and this one? Or because you had to walk 200 meters in the hall this time before you actually reached the last row of the audience? Or maybe because of the 2 meter aisle separating band and audience? Or the setlist with very little gypsy? Probably a bit of all. So I didn’t really get into the concert mood this time. But then, my friends who came along and had never seen or heard of Kaizers before were amazed. =;-)

Before Mintzkov came on, Micke from Sweden did a short performance – unfortunately, we were a bit late, so we only caught the last two songs, too bad. Then Mintzkov, and then Kaizers with the following setlist: Medisin & Psykiatri, På ditt skift, Frå sjåfør til passasjer, Djevelens Orkester, Tokyo Ice til Clementine, Mann mot mann, Di grind, Kontroll på kontinentet, Sorti, KGB, Delikatessen, Dr. Mowinckel, Maestro. Encore Naade, Kvite russer and Dieter Meyers Inst., second encore Bøn fra helvete.

First off, the Jackal explained that they normally don’t play 5000 capacity… and he really had to point that out, because it looked very depressive when you came in and only saw an empty hall at first. Luckily, there were curtains separating the front from the empty back of the hall – so when you made it to the front, it actually looked like a normal, filled concert room of the right size for Kaizers. =;-)

And then there was the usual Sunday-/Monday-problem: The audience is very quiet. And attentive, of course, but hey, Kaizers loooove an attentive audience! (Yeah, sure… *g*) Then the poll who understands Norwegian – result: Ten people. Yep, that’s convenient, “then we can sing whatever we want and nobody will notice!” Or no, what they actually wanted to say of course was: That’s really a pity… so you can’t understand our intelligent and philosophical lyrics! *g*

Dr. Mowinckel came with a long intro again – but the most interesting part came afterwards. Hellraizer starred at his oil barrel and shouted at the Jackal: “Oh my god, you BROKE it!” And he was right, the barrel looked really bad. After only one song with oil barrels! =:-o So now we know that oil barrels from Düsseldorf suck. *g* And before they dared to play on the barrel again, there were long discussions on how they could manage that. They found out that you could still hit on the top of the barrel though.

Before playing Naade, the Jackal had to force Hellraizer to get to the center of the stage, and there was hardly any audience interaction during Min kvite russer – we were supposed to sing a bit of the “la la la” in the end, but the Jackal never explained about the boys singing this and the girls singing that. And I definitely didn’t understand why they came out to play a second encore. But at least they did finish with a song then that people knew and liked. And there the audience sang during the verse again, while the Jackal and Hellraizer sang without mike. =:-)

Well, that’s it, at least I don’t remember anything else. As I said, this concert didn’t really “catch” me. But I wouldn’t call it a bad concert either. =;-)

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