15.11.2008 Kaizers Orchestra (Kofmehl, Solothurn)

Next up was the only Switzerland concert of this tour, of course in… Solothurn. The venue looked absolutely dead before the doors opened, and right before the concert started, it was still pretty empty. But just like the last concerts, it did fill up eventually! So this promised to be another good concert again.

As always, it started pretty slow and quiet, and it did take some time until band and audience got in the mood. But then – wow!

The setlist: Medisin & Psykiatri, På ditt skift, Frå sjåfør til passasjer, Bøn fra helvete, Mann mot mann, Djevelens Orkester, Tokyo Ice til Clementine, Di grind, Kontroll på kontinentet, KGB, Delikatessen, Sigøynerblod, Bak et halleluja, Kvite Russer, Dr. Mowinckel, Maestro. Encore Naade and Die Polizei.

First, the Jackal greeted the audience. They had been in Vienna yesterday (no =;-)), and now in Solothurn – the city was really nice, they saw that when they were out jogging. 45 minutes along the river. And Killmaster had found a Christmas present for his wife. But – how the hell do you pronounce Solothurn? The Jackal found a girl in the audience who told him, but accidentally he chose someone with a dialect from another region… bummer. =;-) But anyway, he didn’t know of another place with such a strange name. Hellraizer: “You don’t go out a lot, do you? Never get out of the house…” Jackal: “No, I never travel…”

The first verse of Mann mot mann was very amusing. The first line was still correct, but the rest was just some mumbling. It DID sound like Norwegian, but it didn’t contain a single existing word. *lol*

During Kontroll på kontinentet (as always without the introduction), Killmaster discovered the pulpit for the DJ and played his solo there. And then with KGB, the concert really started…

The Jackal got lots of girls up on stage to dance with him there. And Hellraizer went into the audience (probably there just wasn’t enough space on stage? *g*). And then everybody was dancing, and they didn’t stop…

During Delikatessen, Omen could do some cleaning again – first the oil barrel, then the microphone stand. And before they played Sigøynerblod, there were loud discussions on stage whether the song was a danceable song or not… But the Jackal ended this: “Get your ass up on the barrel!” And this time, Hellraizer actually managed without tumbling back down again. =;-)

They decided spontaneously to play Kvite russer, because the audience was singing along so loudly. And it worked out fine (no wonder with such good motivation: “Can you sing in Norwegian? Say ‘Yes I can’! Say ‘Thank the Lord that I can!'” *gg*), but honestly the girls behind me irritated me a bit by singing “kvit lissa” all the time. =;-) And in the middle of the song, the organ went silent and the Jackal started singing without the mike. Very impressive!

Then Dr. Mowinckel with a wild Hellraizer (who accidentally bumped over drumset and keyboard), and Maestro with a sleepy Omen who forgot to get up his accordion. *g* And during that song, the whole “front line” ended up in the audience.

As the concert itself was pretty long, the encores were a bit shorter – first Naade (including Genie in a bottle and some discussions with the first row: “You don’t like Christina Aguilera? She’s the fuckin’ best, man!”) and then Die Polizei (a song that they haven’t played before on this tour – yeah, sure. *g*). And that was it, of course some shouting for more encores, but that was it.

So another great concert. Check out the videos on YouTube soon!

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