14.11.2008 Kaizers Orchestra (Colos-Saal, Aschaffenburg)

Next stop: Aschaffenburg. No traffic jams (very unusual for a Friday afternoon!), so I arrived in Aschaffenburg an hour before the doors opened. No problem though – the venue was right in the city center, and I found a record store right away where I spent some time. Didn’t find anything though – but no wonder, Kaizers talked lateron on stage about how had they basically bought the whole shop. =;-)

Just as at the last concerts, the (pretty small) hall looked very empty at first. But this time it changed very soon, and it really filled up! Not sold out, but quite a lot of people there. Mintzkov opened the concert as usual, and I really like them by now. OK, honestly, I hadn’t really expected any different. *g*

Then Kaizers came on, and the audience was with them from the beginning. Even though the first three songs didn’t really bring up the atmosphere, as always… Here’s the setlist: Medisin & Psykiatri, På ditt skift, Frå sjåfør til passasjer, Container, Djevelens Orkester, Tokyo Ice til Clementine, Delikatessen, Bøn fra helvete, KGB, Kontroll på kontinentet, Dr. Mowinckel, Maestro. Encore Naade, Di Grind and Resistansen.

And this time, there was a lot happening on stage, and in contrary to the Munich concert I can even remember it! *gg* It started with the Jackal talking about Aschaffenburg very enthusiastically and asking who in the audience actually was from Aschaffenburg. “Oh… one, two, three… ten people?!?” Well, the others had obviously come from Frankfurt, Mannheim and Heidelberg… Really funny. Then the question about who understands Norwegian. “Oh, the same ten people…” =;-)

During Container, Killmaster “stopped the band” in the middle, or rather they included a sudden pause into the song – very nice and surprising. =;-) And I found it funny when at the part where in Norway, the Jackal normally lifts up his shirt to have the girls scream at him, his hand suddenly twitched in the direction of his shirt. Who was this Pawlow again? *gg*

During Bøn fra helvete, the audience took over the singing in the verse again. And again it worked out, that’s so amazing! And they introduced the song as “a hard tango” – and right, the song is some kind of tango, I never noticed that before.

Then KGB with the long intro – not every audience can take that, but we were all experienced in Kaizers concert (the poll earlier on said that at least 90% of the people had seen Kaizers before). And as the Jackal had accidentally switched KGB and Kontroll på kontinentet when announcing the next song, they probably needed the extra intro time to prepare.

After KGB, Kontroll på kontinentet. A song that’s almost ten years old already. Or ten years young? Is a ten-year-old boy old? Hellraizer: “I have no clue either what he is trying to say…” Jackal: “Airhead…” *rofl*

Before Dr. Mowinckel, the Jackal introduced the new lead singer, who first started complaining about the height of the microphone. Well, according to the Jackal, he’s a midget. When he finally reached up to the microphone, Hellraizer also started to tell us how nice Aschaffenburg is. Especially the name. They had actually started to use it in normal conversation all the time, no matter whether it fits or not. “A-schaff-schaff-schaff-schaff-schaffenburg.” Aha. =;-)

Then another looong intro for Dr. Mowinckel. Seems the Jackal is focussing only on irritating Mink and Thunder. Well, they just went along, and it was really a funny intro.

During the encores, the Jackal grabbed the tambourine and announced that they had written the next song on a tambourine. “How many songs do you write on the tambourine?” And it was done on Hellraizer’s sofa in Bryne. West coast. Norway… Europe.

And of course it started with a tambourine solo, but “it will get even better!” And at some point in time, I could actually recognize Di grind.

The last encore 170 was spontaneously replaced by Resistansen, a good choice in my opinion. But honestly, the Jackal kinda ruined that song by singing completely strange for the whole song.

Well, and then they went off, and at once, the music and the lights came on… And even though the audience kept on screaming for more for at least ten minutes, they just started packing up on stage. Hmm. Very strange…

But all in all, a great concert with a fantastic atmosphere. Just like in Munich, but much smaller, which made it even better in my opinion! =:-)

Thanks so much to Viola for the great evening and letting me stay over! =;-) See you on the next tour, at the latest. And now I gotta get on the road to Solothurn…

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