12.11.2008 Kaizers Orchestra (Muffathalle, München)

And on to Munich! The weather was absolutely okay all the way, right until I came into Munich and it started raining… thank you very much. *grr* But well, I only had two and a half hours to pass anyway, that was feasible in the rain as well. A nice dinner and right to Muffathalle!

And luckily, my memories of this hall were a bit faded, and I expected it to be much worse than it actually was. I forgot all about the dark wood floor, and that made the hall much “warmer”. Still, the hall was pretty empty… but no wonder. This thing is HUGE. I’m very bad at guessing sizes, but I think it was about the same size as Arenum in Bergen. The biggest in-door concert Kaizers ever played in Norway…

Of course the hall didn’t fill up, but it was so much more crowded than yesterday. Take a half full Muffathalle, and you can easily fit a few theoretically crowded Musiktheater in there… =;-) And there definitely was a crowd in the front, and the atmosphere was great. Typically Munich, that is!

So all in all, the complete opposite to Kassel. Which really makes me feel sorry for the people in Kassel – they payed the same money to get in, after all… =:-/ But it’s more than understandable that you don’t get the same atmosphere at a concert if there’s hardly any people there.

A big plus in Munich was the setlist. This one just guaranteed that the audience would go along: Medisin & psykiatri, På ditt skift, Frå sjåfør til passasjer, Djevelens Orkester, Tokyo Ice til Clementine, Delikatessen, Ompa til du dør, Bøn fra helvete, Di grind, Kontroll på kontinentet, Naade, Veterans klage, Katastrofen, Dr. Mowinckel, Maestro. Encore Gypsy Finale. There was a lot of shouting for a second encore, but no success… *sigh*

The audience didn’t really react to the first three songs, but then it got better and better from song to song, and nobody was standing still during the Gypsy Finale. And already in Bøn fra helvete, the Jackal made us sing the verse! =:-o In Germany! So many Norwegian words! And it actually worked out! OK, I guess it wasn’t very loud, but hey, that’s completely mad. =:-)

Well, and that’s almost all I remember. I guess I was just too relieved that this concert was different from the one in Kassel. =;-) But there actually was quite a lot of talk on stage. For example, the Jackal told us that they always go out and buy a hat in Munich. Except for Hellraizer, he went out and bought leather gloves, even though he lost his last pair after two and a half weeks already. But hey, they were only 89 Euro! Jackal: “Only? Are you writing the songs now?” Hellraizer: “Hey, we have oil in Norway…”

Naade was a very ugly song, like all Kaizer songs, and the Jackal wrote Resistansen in just 15 minutes. Oh, and in the middle of Resistansen, the Jackal suddenly stopped singing and asked whether we understood what he was singing. He didn’t care though that most people didn’t. =;-) And just before the encores, the Jackal was asked to take of his shirt. Which he did, but only after a girl in the front had shown him how to do it…

Killmaster had to be convinced to climb up on the barrel. In the very beginning, I was amused when they got their setlists – obviously they weren’t there before the concert. And I found it pretty funny that they actually sing the siren in Katastrofen by now – or did they always do that?

And that’s really all now – but I have to admit that I didn’t really see what was happening on stage, because probably I was just at the height of the spotlights, so I saw a lot of blue, white and yellow light, but not much from what was going on on stage. Not that I’d never seen that before… =;-)

So all in all a great concert and the complete opposite to Kassel!

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