8.11.2008 Kaizers Orchestra (Vega, Kopenhagen)

Wohoo! Now, that was a great concert trip. =:-) It started with a day of sightseeing and shopping in Copenhagen. And the sun was shining all day, so nice! And just after I had settled down in a café because I wanted to get some work done, I got a message from Aud. She was also in Copenhagen. Huh? So cool! And half an hour later I found out it wasn’t only Aud, but Lena and Linda were there as well. They had just decided spontaneously to get into the car and drive down to Copenhagen to see the concert.. and to get right back on the road to Oslo after the show. Hey, and I thought that I was crazy! *gg*

So this was really really nice, even though it ruined my plan to just show up ten minutes before the concert started, stand up on the gallery and leave right after the concert =;-) OK, well, so I ended up in the queue and then in the first row, and of course we had to chat a bit more afterwards. Also nice. Or even better, to be honest. =;-)

The concert started with the Belgian band Mintzkov – they sounded okay, but I won’t decide after the first concert already whether I like them or not. And then Kaizers! And I really was surprised about my own reaction – my last Kaizers concert was only two weeks ago, but this time it felt more like it was years since I’d last seen them… and then FINALLY the Kusturica song, and then they started with Medisin & Psykiatri!

The setlist was basically split in two – first the “new”,”obscure” songs, and then the hits: Medisin & Psykiatri, På ditt skift, Frå sjåfør til passasjer, Djevelens Orkester, Tokyo Ice til Clementine, Moment, Sorti, Delikatessen, Bøn fra helvete, Kontroll på kontinentet, Veterans klage, Ompa til du dør, KGB, Katastrofen, Dr. Mowinckel, Maestro. Encore Naade and Dieter Meyers Inst., second encore Die Polizei.

And the atmosphere? Wow. Wait, I mean WOW! Great atmosphere in the audience, but well, it was Vega after all. But also Kaizers were in a great mood on stage! And since this was missing for me at the last Vega concert, I enjoyed this even more now. It was the complete opposite from last time! You could see how much all of them enjoyed playing (okay, maybe with the exception of Omen who had a little argument with his microphone at one time, polished his finger nails, and was really bored – wait, I mean relaxed, of course! – while he was leaning back to play Maestro *g*). From the very beginning, the Jackal was up on the barrels more often than down on the floor. Well, or REALLY down on the floor, I think I wrote about that once before… When the microphone is lying on the floor instead of being up on the microphone stand, you have to lie down next to it to sing, right? *rofl* So the Jackal sang half a song lying down on the floor. =;-)

Of course there were the usual games with the audience, started by a short technical break – the Jackal had tangled the microphone cable into a spotlight that was down in the aisle. He ordered a security to sort it out, but that took some time, so in the meantime he sorted out which part of the audience was loudest. But well, he knew everybody in the audience anyway: “You all know me, right? And I know you as well!” And I have to admit, it looked a bit like it, so I have to agree with Hellraizer there.

Before they played Bøn fra helvete, Hellraizer was supposed to greet the audience. Which he did, but accidentally… in Swedish. But then he added some mumbling that ressembled Danish quite a bit. *uhem* After that, the Jackal took his barrel hitting stick thingy away from him, something that Hellraizer obviously didn’t like that much, but the Jackal didn’t take his offer for a duel. Instead, he chose to play on Hellraizer’s barrel, so that the poor guy was kinda out of work in the beginning of the song. But well, you can pass your time by throwing sticks up in the air with or without catching them. *lol*

Of course there were lots of details again, and it was definitely quite nice to be in the front – some things you just don’t catch otherwise. For example that they just decided to not play Apokalyps meg but continue with Maestro instead. Or that Hellraizer didn’t want to tell the Jackal which was the next song, so that he had to go back and check by himself. Or that Killmaster suddenly came up with the idea to take up the song again after the audience sang their part in Die Polizei. Worked out well and sounded really good, but like this, the singing part of the audience was pretty short.

During Kontroll på kontinentet, they had the introduction again, and just as they did most times at Vega, the Jackal “crawled towards us” through Hellraizer’s legs again. And speaking about “most times at Vega”: “The last song will be one that we hardly ever play, only…” Of course the Jackal wanted to continue with “… if the concert was really great” or something, but Hellraizer interrupted him: “… only in Copenhagen”. He does have a point there. =;-) During KGB, the Jackal ended up crowdsurfing the audience – no clue if he had planned that or not, but it always works out at Vega!

Honestly, I was a bit surprised how great it felt to hear all the old “hits” again. I definitely hadn’t missed them at the concerts in Norway – but obviously I’m still not sick of them. It was a lot of fun hearing them again! This and a band in great mood. And very nice gals around me, which are just as crazy as I am. Or wait, no, even crazier.. =;-) Hah, Kaizerfans are definitely the best!

And only three days until the next concert, yippie!

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