24.10.2008 Kaizers Orchestra (Grieghallen, Bergen)

After so many great concerts, there must be one that’s kinda stupid, that’s what you would assume at least. And Bergen promised to be “the one”: I had gotten only two hours of sleep the night before, and I was on the road all alone – but then you can catch up on some sleep in the afternoon at the hotel, and accidentally I bumped into several nice fellow fans before the concert, so I wasn’t all alone anymore (hi and takk for sist!).

Anyway, I didn’t expect the concert to turn out great. The venue was really stupid (one big hall with a pretty low stage, you couldn’t really see anything, no gallery, no stands, lots of drunk people…), Vidar Letho came on even before the concert was supposed to start, and then there was an extremely weird support band… No clue what that was about, they were absolutey aweful… but very self-confident.

But then it was time for Kaizers, and just like at the other concerts – a fantastic atmosphere right from the beginning! It’s just amazing… and once again I went home after the concert with a big grin in my face. This time, there was actually some talk on stage as well, and they spontaneously changed the setlist (a bit to the worse, in my opinion – they had Med en gong eg når bånn on the list but didn’t play it -, but it’s the spontaneity part that counts! *g*). The atmosphere was just great, and nobody could prevent me from enjoying the concert, not even the drunk giants that always turned up right in front of my nose. =;-)

Here’s the setlist: Medisin & psykiatri, På ditt skuft, Frå sjåfør til passasjer, Djevelens orkester, Død manns tango, Moment, Tokyo Ice til Clementine, Di grind, Dekk bord, Jævel av en tango, De involverte, Veterans klage, Mann mot mann, Dr. Mowinckel, Die Polizei, Evig pint, Resistansen. Encore Naade, Maestro and Mr. Kaizer, hans Constanze og meg.

Thus a rather unusual setlist with only one encore – but that was because after Dr. Mowinckel, the audience started shouting something (what I understood as “nok en sang” actually) that the Jackal interpreted as “Polizei”. So they played Die Polizei! And because you can’t end a concert with two calm songs, they player Resistansen afterwards. Then Naade as encore, followed by Maestro – which actually was Omen’s idea, according to The Jackal. And so Omen had to decide on the last encore song as well. =;-)

Oh, and by the way – I really have to take back what I said about Medisin & psykiatri being a bad song to start with. By now, I really like it a lot, especially the intro! Very pompeous and impressive! This and the light, simple white light, on the red velvet curtain with the light logo… hach. =;-) And then right afterwards, På ditt skift with all the clapping and great atmopshere, and finally Frå Sjåfør til passasjer and the whole audience waving their arms and singing along at the top of their voices… just terrific!

Hmm, what else. There were a few times when the Jackal announced that the upcoming song was written in Bergen, in Fredrik-Meltzer’s street. A lot of songs had been written there. On the fifth floor, and the darn pump organ had to go up the stairs… (or something like that, not sure if I got it right *g*).

Before Kaizers played Dr. Mowinckel, the Jackal asked Hellraizer whether he wanted to sing another song. And then we had to ask him. The Jackal: “Say Please! – Say Please Mr. Hellraizer! – Say Please, Mr. Hellraizer, would you sing us a song?” *rofl* And dry as always Hellraizer’s answer: “Eg forstår norsk også…”

During Tokyo Ice, the Jackal handed down his microphone into the audience, and someone took over the singing there. *g* And then there was a song: “It’s not a blues. It’s a tango! But it’s not only some tango, but it’s a Jævel av en tango!” =:-) And then band and audience were again screaming more than they were singing, but it just fits the song…

Well, and I guess I don’t really have to write anything about Naade – lots of kisses again. *g* And a big hug afterwards. My favorite German band calls that partyschwul – party gay. *gg* And of course Killmaster started the following song, Maestro, with butt-bumping the Jackal. =;-)

Oh yes, another great concert! The Norwegian part of the tour was great already. It is a bit unfair that I didn’t get to hear Kalifornia, but well, that’s my only criticism. It was really worth traveling all over Norway again! Big thanks to everybody who was on the road with me and who I met again!

And only two weeks until Copenhagen now… =:-)

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