18.10.2008 Kaizers Orchestra (Studentersamfundet, Trondheim)

So, next stop Trondheim! Out of bed very very early and into the train, eight hours, then a quick stop at the hotel and a little sightseeing tour in the rain. So we were pretty tired and completely finished when we arrived at the concert, but Kaizers did us the favor to come on stage fairly early that night (for Norway, at least *g*).

The stage or rather the hall was just great – a round hall, pretty small actually, with stands all around at the sides. We found ourselves a great place at the front side of the stands, with an almost perfect view of the stage – almost, because I couldn’t swear on Omen being present at the concert, I didn’t see him at all…

The atmosphere was fantastic right from the beginning. The audience sang along with every song, no matter how “obscure” it might be, and often we had to take over the singing completely – and that was so loud that often it was hardly possible to tell whether the Jackal was still singing or not.

The setlist was almost identical to the one in Drammen, except that they didn’t play Mann mot mann this time and that they replaced Bris by Jævel av en tango. So here’s the complete list: Medisin & psykiatri, På ditt skuft, Frå sjåfør til passasjer, Djevelens orkester, Moment, Død manns tango, Tokyo Ice til Clementine, Di grind, Dekk bord, Jævel av en tango, Veterans klage, Dr. Mowinckel, Evig pint. First encore Naade, Den sjette sansen and Dieter Meyers Inst, second encore Mr. Kaizer, hans Constanze og meg, Maestro and Resistansen.

Yes, three songs for the last encore! So there you can easily imagine how the atmosphere in the audience was… just perfect!

All in all, I hardly have anything to report here tough, because they didn’t talk a lot on stage this time. There was a short poll on who was there from Stavanger and who wasn’t (with a “tiny” majority for “not from Stavanger *g*). Hellraizer fought the microphone stand before playing Dr. Mowinckel (Hellraizer wanted to have it lower and tried to unscrew it, which didn’t work, but the Jackal solved the problem with brute force and just pushing the stand down *g*) and then he apologized, that’s just because this really isn’t his instrument. And during Naade, the Jackal and Killmaster stood at one microphone this time singing “byyp byyp” and shaking their necks and heads to the beat. Verrrrry funny again. =;-)

So, a terrific concert in my opinion! And absolutely worth the eight hours on the train to go there and nine hours on the bus to go back!

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