17.10.2008 Kaizers Orchestra (Union Scene, Drammen)

Yeah, finally a Kaizers tour again! And not a normal Kaizers tour, but the “obscurities tour” that has been discussed so much in the last weeks. And what can I say – they really kept their word, oh yes, they did!

Fortunately, I had read the setlists of the two concerts in Stavanger, because otherwise, I would have stood there gaping with my mouth open throughout the whole concert. But like this, I knew more or less what to expect and could really enjoy it. And hey, the setlist was the bomb, no question about it! So much rare stuff that I actually caught myself rolling my eyes when the Jackal announced a rather “normal” song like Moment or Veterans klage. *gg*

So, here’s the setlist: Medisin & psykiatri, På ditt skuft, Frå sjåfør til passasjer, Djevelens orkester, Moment, Død manns tango, Mann mot mann, Tokyo Ice til Clementine, Di grind, Dekk bord, Bris, Veterans klage, Dr. Mowinckel, Evig pint. First encore Naade, Den sjette sansen and Dieter Meyers Inst, second encore Min kvite russer.

As I said, that was just amazing! =:-) There wasn’t really a recorded intro to the concert – unless the gypsy song (Kusturica, I assume) that was played right before Kaizers came on was meant as intro. But Omen came on stage and started with a very calm beginning of Medisin & psykiatri. One after the other, the rest of the band joined him, and when the Jackal came on, they really started with the song. But I got to admit that while I really like the song Medisin & psykiatri and think it is great, I don’t think it fits very well as opening song. It’s just too calm and “nice”, at least in the current version. And also all in all, I had the feeling that Kaizers were more concentrated on playing than on delivering the perfect live show. Which is perfectly understandable with that setlist, of course. *g* And it didn’t really matter, they delivered a very good live show anyway, but I think that like this, it maybe wouldn’t be enough for Europe. But perfectly fine for Norway, the songs are really more important there. And hey, that’s why I came to Norway! =;-)

They continued with “weird songs”, and I love all of them on the records and they worked out just as fine live. Especially Djevelens orkester! Then they started sprinkling in some “normal” songs here and there. My highlights from the next songs were clearly Dekk bord and Dr. Mowinckel, mostly because they really “rocked”. All in all, the selist was rather quiet, but it didn’t matter, the overall experience was just perfect! (Please imagine a amiley with blinking hearts as eyes now, thank you. *g*) Bris was amazing as well, just like Naade.

So that’s all about the concert in general. And to get down to DMA level for a second: The Jackal’s hair was an absolute no go, come on… Like some indie rocker from Augsburg… *waah* No way. Long or short, fine, but not this weird something inbetween… But well, who cares, as long as I don’t have to marry him. =;-)

I don’t remember that many details today, so I will just list them now:

– After the first three songs, Kaizers announced that they would now start to play the songs that they don’t really know yet. So that’s why they are practicing them now, they are already much better than in Stavanger. He he, yeah, open practice, I love that! =;-)

– During Min kvite russer, the band (except Omen and the Jackal) always comes back on stage a bit later, and Hellraizer waltzed on stage this time. And then he started a discussion with Killmaster – no clue what they were argueing about, but when the Jackal turned around to look what they were up to and “forgot” to sing in the meantime, Hellraizer pointed him into the right direction very quickly again.

– Up on the gallery, there where the kids under 18, or rather “the small nice kids” or something, and of course they were also part of the action. (And they were actually really loud, I got to admit!) When Killmaster had some technical problems and it took some time to resolve them, the Jackal asked us first if we were in a hurry to get home – and then of course the kids. “Do you have to get back home quickly, get to bed, or do you have another five minutes?” And when Hellraizer lifted his beer bottle to us at the end of the show, he noticed that maybe that’s not what he should show the kids, and so he made it obvious to the gallery that beer is evil and bad. But only to the gallery. Down on the floor it was fine to drink beer, and up on stage as well, of course. *gg*

– After Den sjette sansen, a blues song (which was influenced by blues, and… did I mention blues already? *g*) we had to decide how we liked it and give points on a scale from zero to ten. The first vote was ten from everybody, of course, but after the Jackal pointed out that we could really be honest, the result was somewhere between 6 and 8. =;-)

– There were actually people at the concert who had traveled all the way from Germany! (Really? Who would do something like that??? *gg*) And from Sweden and so on, but most were from Norway, and the others don’t understand a word anyway… (HEY! *lol*)

– Naade was really really nice – the only problem was that in the middle, the Jackal and Killmaster came out and stood at the mikes (Killmaster right in front of me) and started singing *byyp* *byyp* all the time. It sounded really good, just like some instrument, no question about it. But it looked just incredibly funny. And after Killmaster looked over, grinning broadly, it was really over for me… *rofl*

– According to the setlist, they had originally planned to play Kalifornia. But they had replaced it with Moment. Hey, just a moment, that’s not fair! =;-)

– Oh yes, and there was the stand up support – the stuff that I understood was really funny. But there were a lot of jokes that I theoretically understood, at least the words, but then they ended in some Norwegian name, and the Norwegians burst out in laughter… Well, let’s see if he’s gonna tell the same tonight again. *g*

Hach… all in all, a fantastic concert! The atmosphere was good (something that you couldn’t bet on with this selist!), but not perfect, it could have been even better. So that was the perfect first concert for me – great songs and still some room for improvement. Maybe tonight? =;-)

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