18.4.2008 Kaizers Orchestra (Vega, Kopenhagen)

Hmm… that was a strange concert. Really great in one way, of course – it was Vega, after all, and concerts there are always great. And then I was up on the galery for the first time this tour, and that was A LOT of fun. A great view over the whole stage, a lot of space for dancing and nobody in front of me (well, except for the extremely drunk girls next to me that leaned over the barrier all the time, blocking my view, but well *g*). And the atmosphere was really amazing!

Still – I wasn’t totally convinced by the concert. It was a whole lot of fun, but somehow, it didn’t feel special. All the small things that normally make Vega special were missing. It seemed like somehow, there was nothing really happening on stage… well, except for everything “normal” that they always do of course. And that was fun as always, but somehow, I just expect a bit more at Vega. So this is why all in all, I found the concert a bit strange. =;-)

The setlist: Maskineri, Bastard sønn, 9mm, Sigøynerblod, Veterans klage, Ompa til du dør, Bøn fra helvete, Blitzregn baby, Volvo i Mexiko, Kontroll på kontinentet, Enden av november, Delikatessen, Resistansen, Apokalyps meg, Den andre er meg, Maestro. Encore KGB, Container, Dieter Meyers Inst. and then, after they had already said goodbye but not left the stage yet, Bak et halleluja, second encore Kvite Russer.

Den andre er meg with Ragnhild was very nice, of course, and Kvite Russer was impressive again as well. Oh, and the end of Bak et halleluja turned out very long this time, with the Jackal and Thunder jamming while the audience was singing. They only got to an end when Hellraizer took the guitar from the Jackal. =;-)

What else? It’s been way too long since they’ve last played at Vega – actually, they would want to play there every year. Or no, make that every Friday! They even wanted to put it into their tour plan right away. =;-)

Then they thanked the crew and Geoff Berner and handed over a present to the backliner, who did his last show with them.

During Resistansen, the floor and the three different galleries had to scream and cheer one after the other – Farin Urlaub would have enjoyed that. *g* And in the end, the Jackal got stuck on the “s” of “stemning” and finally fell over backwards because of all the hissing… but well, as long as there is a Hellraizer on stage ready to catch falling frontmen, everything is well. =;-)

Oh, and I have no clue what that was about, but Hellraizer and the Jackal competed in Rock, Paper, Scissors a few times during the songs… and every time, Hellraizer won with “gun”. *rofl*

So, not a lot to report here… this is why I found the concert a bit weird. But as I wrote, the atmosphere was just great, and the concert was great fun. Let’s see how tonight’s show turns out!

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