15.4.2008 Kaizers Orchestra (Postbahnhof, Berlin)

Hmm… seems that Kreuzberg isn’t what it used to be. There’s Michael Jackson on the radio at a burger place right next to SO36, and the great punk record store on Oranienstrasse turned into a hard core store… =:-( Nevertheless it was nice being back in Berlin – and even though most people I used to know in Berlin have moved away again, I bumped into people I knew right away. So nice! =:-)

Postbahnhof looked much more filled than Alter Schlachthof yesterday – still, it wasn’t sold out. But enough people for a really great atmosphere. Hell yeah! To put it short: That was one of my top concerts. The band wanted a big party, the audience absolutely went along, and the concert was a blast! =:-)

But even though I could write pages and pages about the concert, I’ll try to keep it short. There’s more things I want to do on tour than just write concert reports. =;-) The setlist: Maskineri, Bastard sønn, 9mm, Sigøynerblod, Veterans klage, Ompa til du dør, Bøn fra helvete, Blitzregn baby, Volvo i Mexiko, Kontroll på kontinentet, Enden av november, Delikatessen, Apokalyps meg, Min kvite russer, Maestro. Encore Hevnervals, Container and Resistansen, second encore Die Polizei.

And now just some notes about what happened, ’cause as I said: The atmosphere was fantastic, and somehow there were things happening all the time and all over the stage. =;-)

  • Up to now, Kaizers always announced Veterans klage as the shortest Kaizer song. But they didn’t know just HOW short! Someone told them just a few concerts ago that the song is only 1:40 min. (Hellraizer: “But with the talking it is 7 minutes!”) And then they really celebrated the 1:40-song… When the audience started cheering in the middle of the song, during the quiet part, the Jackal shushed them: “No, this is not the end, it’s only 1:26!” And in the end he counted down – before singing “Hjelp meg” he actually had to wait for 3 seconds so that they would really hit the 1:40. *g*
  • In the beginning, the aisle in front of the stage was really crowded with phtographers. Now I’m curious about what they will all write!
  • Some guy in the front wanted to have some beer from the Jackal – but: “No, I just can’t do that! The bar is back there!” But Hellraizer found a pragmatic solution by just filling up empty beer glasses instead – not without looking a bit confused and despaired down on his own empty beer bottle afterwards. =;-)
  • Killmaster was really satisfied and happy and had fun on stage. The only things he wanted was a Scotch and to play another song. The Jackal calculated that the Scotch really shouldn’t be a problem – if everybody in the audience gave half a cent, this would be enough. “So, can you all chip in and get a drink for him?” Well, it only took two songs, then he got his Scotch – and the band was really surprised. =;-)
  • As the Jackal put it, the Berlin concert was “the funniest concert of the tour” – I assume he meant “the most fun concert”, but you never know. =;-) I agree that it was great fun, in any case! =:-) But it was a bit mean that then he announced with a very broad smile on his face that this is the last week of the tour now, and that the tour is almost over… well, I can absolutely understand that they are happy about that, but hey – it means that the tour is almost over! =:-(
  • After the Jackal had taken a long time deciding on what weekday it might be, Killmaster decided that whatever – it just HAD to be a Saturday. Well, that’s what it felt like in any case!
  • Killmaster did the Moses again during Kontroll på kontinentet, separating the crowd. And during the “the devil built this guitar” part of Hellraizer’s introduction, the stage was flooded with red light. Very impressive, I’ve never noticed that before. =:-)
  • During Min kvite russer, all the men had to sing with the Jackal and all the women with Hellraizer again. (And the women were louder this time, at least sometimes! =;-p) But the Jackal made the big mistake to hand over his microphone to Hellraizer when he was supposed to explain what the women should sing… He nicely sang his “Kviiiiiiit, kviiiiit russeeeer” (“Don’t worry about the words, just sing!”). Well, and then the Jackal held out his hand to get back his microphone, but obviously Hellraizer was enjoying his part… He just kept the mike and went back to hide in his corner, next to Omen, while the Jackal remained standing at the front of the stage, helpless and not really sure about what to do now. =;-) But then Thunder stepped in, running over to Hellraizer, grabbing the microphone from him and excusingly handing it back to the Jackal. And then he told poor Hellraizer what he thought about his behaviour… *rofl* I love this band! =:-D
  • Maestro (“An old song for the new fans – a new song for the old… oh, hmm, no, that doesn’t work out…”) was a “danceable song for the Berlin audience”, as the Jackal was singing throughout the intro. And maybe I will even find out what song that reminded me of… The audience took over the “men tidå…” part again – but not quite as loud and self-conscious as in Munich, I would say. But it worked out fine anyway!
  • Kaizers changed the encores completely and didn’t play what actually was on the setlist – but it fit much better like this. The audience was ecstatic, and Kaizers came back with Hevnervals – including yelling like wild Indians and the Jackal stagediving. So much energy that even Omen’s lamp fell off the organ, which irritated him a LOT.
  • Then Container, with the Jackal lifting up his shirt and the first rows squeeking – including all the men there. *lol*
  • And finally Resistansen – actually, nothing really “special” there, but the atmosphere was just fantastic Maybe you can see it here:
  • As second encore (they just HAD to come back), they played Die Polizei. And it’s just such a great feeling to have several hundred Germans sing along with “Herr Polizei” (which is still absolutely wrong in German *g*). Just amazing! And a very worthy conclusion of a terrific concert…

Hach… yeah. Actually, Hamburg won’t have a chance to be any better. But let’s wait and see, I’ve seen lots of surprises from this band already… =;-)

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