9.4.2008 Kaizers Orchestra (Backstage, München)

“We are Kaizers Orchestra – and you must be München! This is perfect!” Yep, and once again it turned out that concerts in Munich are special!

Just like last time, Backstage filled rather slowly – but when Geoff Berner came on, it looked pretty crowded. And when it was time for Kaizers, it WAS really crowded!

The setlist: Maskineri, 9mm, Sigøynerblod, Ompa til du dør, Bøn fra helvete, Blitzregn baby, Volvo i Mexiko, Mann mot mann, Kontroll på kontinentet, Enden av november, Kvite Russer, Delikatessen, Resistansen, Apokalyps meg, Maestro, encore KGB, Hevnervals, Bak et Halleluja and Dieter Meyers Inst., second encore Katastrofen.

Again, there wasn’t that much talking on stage – but the atmosphere was terrific right from the beginning, both on stage and in the audience, and the audience was _really_ loud. So a complete contrast to Zurich yesterday. =;-) But again, maybe it was just because of my spot in the audience. This time I was right in front, but up on the stairs, so I had a great view over the whole audience, and the stage would have been close enough to pass a beer. *g*

As I mentioned, there was hardly any talk in the beginning, but one song right after the other. And a lot of people in the audience were singing along! During the introduction in Kontroll på kontinentet, Killmaster suddenly “did the Moses” again – he separated the crowd and jumped into the audience. How cool, don’t think he’s done that before on this tour! And he even made it back onto the stage. =;-) Oh, the memories… =:-)

This time, a lot of people raised their hand when the Jackal asked who bought the new album already. (Oh, by the way, they have at in the merch again!) So there was a lot of singing along during Enden av november as well. And, of course, during Kvite Russer – they actually tried out this song in Munich for the first time on the last tour, and they didn’t expect it to work out back then – it did, and now this time they KNEW it would work! Oh yeah… =:-)

And then they played Resistansen again – that song was completely missing in Zurich. But honestly, the Jackal should maybe have a short look at the lyrics, he messed it up completely again, the second time in a row… =;-) But that didn’t matter, people loved it anyway, and most probably didn’t even notice.

Well, and that is when it happened. Suddenly. Without warning. Shocking! =:-o

Suddenly, the Jackal had a knot in his microphone cabel! He looked down on it a few times, in deep despair, looked up again and just mouthed “Hjelp!!!” *rofl* But at once, he was surrounded by the whole band and crew, and the crew heroically managed to solve the problem! *applaud* But this is what a crew is for – for all the small and big problems you encounter as a rockstar on tour! *lol*

As the last regular song, they played Maestro – and for the first time outside of Norway, the Jackal could trust the audience. “You know it – sing!” And so we took over the “tiå har vært snill…” part, and it really worked out! Of course not as loud as it would have been in Norway, but it was incredibly good considering the fact that 90% of people probably had no clue what they were singing… =:-)

We had to count in the first encore, KGB, in German (after the Jackal counted us in in English?!?), and both Hevnervals and Bak et halleluja were really appreciated. Once again, the Jackal had to catch our singing, otherwise they couldn’t have started with Dieter Meyers…

And in the very end, they actually came out once more for a second encore and played Katastrofen, for the first time on this tour. How nice! Why can’t the audience be just like in Munich at all concerts? And why am I not in Vienna right now? All those questions… =;-)

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