8.4.2008 Kaizers Orchestra (Rote Fabrik, Zürich)

Hmm. This concert was weird, somehow. And I’m not quite sure why…

But let’s start at the beginning. My navigation system sent me through the center of Zurich instead of just taking the easy way around, so I was late again – but as I wanted to have something to eat together with a friend before the concert anyway, it didn’t matter too much. The concert didn’t start before 9:30, so there still was a lot of time. After dinner, we went over to Rote Fabrik, just in time for Geoff Berner’s performance, which was quite ok. The audience was a lot less active than yesterday though.

A short break, and then Kaizers came on – and well, this is the “hmm” part now. Objectively, I couldn’t notice ANYTHING that was different from yesterday, the energy clearly was there just like in Mannheim. But somehow I found the concert kinda “tame”. Rumors have it though that it looked completely different from the back. =;-) So I assume that I was surrounded by the “bad” part of the audience, in a corner with a rather poor atmosphere. And I really can’t tell whether it was due to the band, the audience, or myself that I wasn’t really excited about the show. *g*

But hey, “not excited” definitely doesn’t mean that the show was bad. It still was a lot of fun! But I really missed some participation of the audience, and for example during Bak et halleluja, the Jackal stopped before the end of the song, without letting the audience sing, really. Kinda strange. Actually I had the impression that the audience was pretty loud though, especially the stands at the back of the hall. And there were lots of people there!

So probably it was just me who didn’t like the concert that much. But well, I’ll survive. =;-) The setlist was pretty similar to the one in Mannheim: Maskineri, 9mm, Sigøynerblod, Ompa til du dør, Bøn fra helvete, Senor Flamingos Adieu, Blitzregn Baby, Volvo i Mexiko, Toxic Blod, Kontroll på kontinentet, Enden av november, Delikatessen, Apokalyps meg, Maestro. Encore KGB, Hevnervals, Bak et halleluja and 170.

So no Resistansen. And Bak et halleluja, as I wrote already, a bit choked off. Pretty weird… But during the concert we heard the latest soccer results of the Premiere League (I assume? No clue. But the result was 4:2, I remember that. *g*), saw Hellraizer without towel for a change under his introduction, learned that Kaizers will play 38 festivals in Europe this summer (2 of them in Switzerland, but they didn’t know which) and came to know that Apokalyps meg is the Jackal’s favorite song (“Not sure about the others. They are more into Led Zeppelin. I’m into Kaizers!”). Oh yes, and the new album is really out in the stores in Switzerland and people can buy it there – “it actually works!”

All in all, a nice concert, but nothing special. But as I wrote already – might have been because of my spot in the audience. All around me, people were basically only chilling and smoking – what exactly is “singing” and “clapping”, anyway? *sigh* So next time I’ll choose the other side again, I guess. Or maybe the stands in the back. =;-)

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