7.4.2008 Kaizers Orchestra (Alte Feuerwache, Mannheim)

An off-day is really nice to finally catch up on some sleep, get some things sorted out and then suddenly notice that actually, you wanted to get on the road again half an hour ago. Uhm. But well, luckily the snow chaos happened mostly in the areas that are used to snow chaos, so the roads were clear and I made it to Mannheim on time. Or actually three hours early, but I wanted to meet up with a friend before the concert. =;-)

So after that, I made it back to Alte Feuerwache just before the concert started, bumped into people I knew right away and waited for Geoff Berner to come on. He did, but the beginning was really bad ’cause he was too drunk to even speak properly… =:-( It got better though, and in the end it seemed that most people enjoyed his performance.

And then it was time for Kaizers, finally! And wow – it seems they had really enjoyed their off-day and filled up the batteries. =:-o They had so much energy on stage! (I mean, they always have, but this time it was even more, one gear up or something.) Especially the Jackal and Hellraizer were jumping and dancing across the stage, it was just amazing. And the dancing parts really made you scream with laughter sometimes. *gg*

The setlist already promised a very fast and energetic show this time. Here it is, from memory (the guys are really good at hiding their setlists on stage at the moment… *grr*), but I think it is correct: Maskineri, Sigøynerblod, 9mm, Ompa til du dør, Bøn fra helvete, Blitzregn Baby, Volvo i Mexiko, Mann mot mann, Kontroll på kontinentet, Enden av november, Delikatessen, Apokalyps meg, Maestro. Encore KGB, Hevnervals, Bak et halleluja and Resistansen.

The audience was dancing right from the start, a lot of people were singing along (it was incredible how many knew the lyrics for Maestro, for example) and the atmosphere was just great. And the gentlemen on stage didn’t take a single break throughout the show…

So there’s actually not a lot to report here, there was just no time for talk. =;-) We loved Kaizers, they loved us back – probably the only time they get to make love to 400 people at the same time. During Kontroll på kontinentet, the Jackal and Hellraizer were discussing while Killmaster was playing his solo, and afterwards the Jackal mentioned that Hellraizer had just asked him to introduce the band now. And as it was his birthday (“He just turned 40 today! Or wait, no, not 40, it was 13…” – “No, 16!”), he got a wish, and of course he wished that the Jackal would introduce the band now. And into the last sounds of Apokalyps meg, the Jackal suddenly said “Das war alles”, which left the audience surprised, impressed and horrified at the same time. =;-)

And that’s it already – but even though there is hardly anything to report this time, I really loved the concert. And it is so funny: Just today I was asked again why I enjoy seeing so many concerts of one band. “It’s all the same anyway.” No, not at all – comparing this concert to the ones in Frankfurt or Cologne, it was just completely different. The music was the same, the people on stage were the same, but the atmosphere both on stage and in the audience was very different. And all three concerts were great! =:-)

And now of course I’m curious about what Zurich will be like… =;-)

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