5.4.2008 Kaizers Orchestra (E-Werk, Köln)

I still remember hearing rumors about Kaizers playing at E-Werk in Cologne a few years ago. That wasn’t realistic at all… and it turned out that they were supposed to warm up for another band there and in the end, it didn’t work out anyway. But by now, Kaizers are playing at E-Werk as the main act…!

I hadn’t been at E-Werk before, so I was curious what the place would be like – and it was even bigger than I expected. Especially the stage, it was about as big as the one in Bergen! So they could use the new logo this time, and the light show was really impressive again.

Of course they didn’t sell out. But even though it looked a bit empty in the beginning, it filled up very well before the concert started. Of course it wasn’t crammed, but a good bunch of people. Wow!

Geoff Berner came on and was pretty impressed by the crowd in front of the stage. His gig was actually quite good, even though I think it is really unfair to make people sing and shout along and compare that to fascism afterwards. There’s actually some people who know the difference between fun and seriousness.

But well. Then it was time for Kaizers, and the setlist was pretty similar to yesterday’s list: Maskineri, Bastard Sønn, Moment, 9mm, Bøn fra helvete, Blitzregn Baby, Volvo i Mexiko, KGB, Kontroll på kontinentet, Enden av november, Delikatessen, Resistansen, Apokalyps meg, Maestro. First encore Sorti, Bak et halleluja, 170, second encore Sigøynerblod.

So this time, they even played four new songs in a row at the beginning – but the atmosphere was great from the start and everybody was dancing. Oh, and the turning in Maskineri is definitely cool. *gg*

All in all, I had the impression that the atmosphere was really good. The audience was a bit quiet inbetween the songs sometimes, but this was only due to the fact that we were a very intelligent and attentive audience. And we realized at once that Kaizers had put up a really exclusive and expensive show for us! Especially Mr. Hellraizer’s “dancing moves” were very very expensive. Hellraizer: “Moose? We have a moose?” – Jackal: “No, MOVES. Your moves!” – Hellraizer: “Where is it? Down in the cellar?” *rofl*

Uhm yeah. =;-) In general, they didn’t talk so much this time tough. Of course there was the question about who is seeing his first Kaizers concert – because the first time is special, at least that’s what people say, because the Jackal himself has never experienced it. Anyway, then he called the first-timers rookies… Pff. =;-) But then a new question: How did we first hear about Kaizers? First option: On the radio. Nope, nobody who had heard of Kaizers on the radio… =:-( Second option: TV. Five people… Through a friend? And all the hands went up… impressive!
The Jackal got back to this again lateron, before they played Enden av november. Because Kaizers had to choose a single to send out to the radio. And obviously just so that the radio would NOT play the song… =:-( But hey, we can change that! =:-)

Right after, a girl was lifted up on someone’s shoulders. The Jackal tried to find out why – is it your birthday? The result: “Sorry people. She’s from Norway…” *gg*

Before playing Resistansen, the Jackal asked who spoke Norwegian. The conclusion was that there would be at least one person who would sing along on the following song. =;-) But well, that didn’t really work out – another artist attack, and suddenly the Jackal was singing so slowly that even the band had trouble staying together and accompanying him. *g* But they managed it, just as Hellraizer impressively covered up his little fault during Delikatessen so that nobody could notice. =;-)

After the concert, the band planned to go to some electro dance party and “party with Scooter!!!”. *rofl* We, in turn, were kicked out off the hall pretty quickly. On the way out we learned that the new album is actually sold out at the merch at the moment. =:-( But they hope to be able to sell it again by Wednesday!

Now an off-day, and on Monday Kaizers will play in Mannheim!

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