4.4.2008 Kaizers Orchestra (Batschkapp, Frankfurt)

Now the Kaizers tour is really starting for me! =:-) 16 days, 12 concerts. And I guess that the reports will get shorter and shorter, don’t want to spend the whole day just with writing reports and uploading pictures… =;-)

But now, here’s the report from Frankfurt. Batschkapp is a really nice concert venue, but it is very annoying that it is just impossible to find a parking spot there… *grr* But well, I got to Frankfurt without a single traffic jam (on Friday!!), so that was okay and it didn’t matter I needed some time to park my car… But because of that (and because of the fact that the concert startet at 7:30 pm already – hey, who came up with that?!?) I missed Geoff Berner. Well, I guess I’ll survive. =;-)

A few minutes past eight, Kaizers came on already. The setlist: Maskineri, Bastard Sønn, Moment, Bøn fra helvete, Blitzregn Baby, Volvo i Mexiko, Toxic Blod, KGB, Kontroll på kontinentet, Enden av november, Delikatessen, Resistansen, Apokalyps meg, Maestro. First encore Sorti, Bak et halleluja, 170, second encore Kvite Russer.

So they played neither Ompa til du dør nor 9mm – pretty surprising, but if I’m honest, I didn’t really miss those two songs. =;-) But I was really surprised to find Moment on the setlist, because I don’t think they played it on this tour (or did they? Maybe in Holland/Belgium?). And of course I loved it that they played Toxic Blod again (it works out really nicely by now, even though I’m still a bit irritated by the change in the beat), and theoretically I would have loved Sorti as well, but at that moment I found myself surrounded by a horde of Spanish people talking very loud so you couldn’t hear anything else anymore. And who then actually spilled their beer on me. No, thank you. *grmbl*

At the beginning, the audience was a bit quiet – not very surprising with three new songs in a row. But they woke up very quickly, and as soon as they heard something they knew, the atmosphere was great. The highlight in my opinion was Delikatessen, with everybody dancing and screaming – and the applause afterwards was really impressive!

But well, we were a very professional audience anyway! Because we had managed to be there precicely at 8 (ok, most of us, at least… =;-)), even though this is much too early for a concert. But Kaizers just put their clock to nine, and then it was fine for them as well. =;-)

And as everybody was there on time, Hellraizer concluded that we probably all work in some bank in Frankfurt. The Jackal wasn’t that sure about it, and the audience didn’t really react either, so Hellraizer asked: “Uhm, should I go back into my corner now?” – Jackal: “Yeah, go back into your corner!” And poor Hellraizer went back to hide in his corner of the stage… *g*

But he wasn’t the only one to talk weirdly that night. Before Delikatessen, the Jackal started talking very detailed about how this next song would fit very well to the Danish boat that is going between Denmark and Norway (remark: The concept of the Danskebåt is completely unknown in Germany. =;-)) Uuuhm… yes. But the audience enjoyed the song anyway.

During Maskineri, they obviously built in a little choreography by now, with the guitar players turning in unison. *lol* Still need to decide if I find that cool or embarrassing, but in any case it is funny. =;-)

Well, and of course the Jackal had some artist attacks during the concert… =;-) At some point in time, he shot a “t” at Hellraizer who could hardly handle it (guess you have to see that to understand what I mean *g*), then suddenly his concentration was broken by someone shouting “Kaiser Chiefs!!!” (which actually, he had been shouting throughout the whole concert, but this time he was officially asked to please leave the room – okay, not quite as courteously. *g*), and because of some weird squeeks from the audience, the Jackal knew for sure that there must be cats in the house. Well, actually from the squeeks and from the fact that Hellraizer’s allergic to cats. “Do you need a shot???” – “Naah, I need a shower…” *lol*

And then the old question: Who is here for the first time? Who has been to a Kaizers concert at Batschkapp before? As always, it was about 50-50. But the surprising part was the question about where everybody in the audience was from – there was hardly anybody from Frankfurt there! Which caused the Jackal to think about where else we might come from for the rest of the night… obviously he hadn’t heard the guy scream “Stuttgart” at his question. Hey, Stuttgart desperately needs Kaizers, I’ve been telling them for years! =;-)

OK, so that’s about all I remember. Hellraizer’s fountain was missing during Kontroll på kontinentet, but well, no idea why, the rest of the introduction was just like always. =;-) Probably his cat allergy. *g* Oh yes, and at the very end, the Jackal handed his wine glass to Omen when he climbed onto the barrel, so poor Omen had to stand there with his arm in the air holding is glas for a while. *g* And in general, Kvite Russer as the last encore was really really nice again… =:-)

So all in all, a really great first concert in Germany, and now I’ll get on my way to Cologne!

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