29.3.2008 Kaizers Orchestra (KB, Malmö)

The next morning, we took the train down to Malmö. We found the hotel quickly, and after a nice walk through the city and an actually quite bad meal we were smart enough to check on the internet what the “21:00” on the tickets meant. It turned out it was not the time that the doors opened, but the time the concert was supposed to start! So we hurried to get on our way to the concert place.

When Geoff Berner came on stage, hardly anybody was there yet. Luckily it filled up a bit later on, but KB could have taken a lot more people. =:-( But still, Geoff Berner’s prediction that he would get to see some Swedes sing in Norwegian, did actually come true. =;-)

And yippie, they used the full intro again this time! =:-D But then they didn’t have the new backdrop this time. I guess that the ceiling was just too low and it didn’t fit, so they used the old one.

The setlist: Maskineri, Bastard Sønn, 9mm, Blitzregn Baby, Ompa til du dør, Bøn fra helvete, Volvo i Mexiko, Kontroll på kontinentet, Kvite Russer, Enden av november, Resistansen, Bak et halleluja, Apokalyps meg, Maestro. First encore: Sorti and 170, second encore Sigøynerblod. So this time, they actually dared to play the new songs! =:-)

But they didn’t talk as much as in Göteborg this time. Which doesn’t mean there was no talk on stage though, of course there was. =;-) They asked again who came from what country, why the Swedes serve Danish beer and why it is only the Danish people that cheer about that. *g* Helge was playing with his lamps again (one just didn’t want to go out when he turned it off *g*). Geir had to lead the lady’s choir during Kvite Russer (which he managed perfectly, standing in the front next to the Jackal and conducting and obviously starting to feel more and more comfortable in his role – girl power! *gg*), and the Jackal got an artist attack again, this time during Kvite Russer. During one song, he held the microphone to Hellraizer’s guitar to pick up the sound, but then Hellraizer mimicked to him very detailed that this is not necessary, because he actually has a cable on his guitar and so the sound comes out very loud and clear through the big PA, great invention, uhm? *lol*

During Resistansen, the audience started singing all alone in the beginning again, and not only there, but all in all we had to sing a lot – and the Jackal understood: “You must be Malmö!” Because Kaizers are a part of Malmö by now, just like Bob Hund and some soccer player. =;-)

Kontroll på kontinentet seemed a bit hurried this time though. Omen had to play the beginning, as Killmaster wasn’t ready yet and the Jackal didn’t want to wait for him. And the band introduction went very very fast, it seemed as if they really were in a hurry. =;-) But a bit later, they actually had time to fulfill a wish from the audience – and the choice of the song was very easy, because most of the audience started singing Bak et halleluja. Even though this might have made it a bit harder to choose the songs for the encore. But like this, we actually got two encores! First Sorti (yeeeaaah! Beautiful. And if I finally manage to find out how to compress videos without audio and video getting out of sync, it’ll be up on YouTube soon *g*), and then 170 with a very long break before the last hit on the barrel. And as you can’t finish a concert with two slow songs, they actually came out once more and played Sigøynerblod. =:-)

So all in all, the concert was just great! Even though there was a moment at the very beginning of Maskineri where it looked like they would mess up completely – the Jackal started singing at the wrong moment and so the loop didn’t fit to the song anymore. But the band managed to get into the beat again without problems. Lateron, even Mink got out of the beat once when the Jackal couldn’t really decide whether the band should be playing or not during Resistansen and he was just nagging them and stopping and starting them over and over again. And in the very end, when the Jackal counted in Sigøynerblod, Hellraizer was the only one to start playing at the first try. But those are exactly the things why it is so nice to go see a live concert instead of listening to the records, right? =;-)

I really loved the concert, and because of all the new songs (which seemed to be appreciated by the whole audience as well), it was also a lot better than the concert in Göteborg. Linda actually prefered the first concert – so all in all we could probably say that both concerts were great! And the whole trip was definitely worth it. =:-) Less than a week until the “real” tour starts for me – can’t wait! =:-D

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