28.3.2008 Kaizers Orchestra (Trädgårn, Göteborg)

Before Kaizers are really coming to Europe now, there’s first some more concerts in Scandinavia on the plan. And just as last time, I wanted to see them in Göteborg and Malmö!

After arriving in Göteborg, I first had to find the hotel and meet Linda there. But as I still had some idea of the city, that turned out to be not that difficult. And this time, I even saw the city in daylight! =;-) A quick dinner, and then it was time for the concert already.

It started with Geoff Berner. Hmm. He was drunk, but still talking almost understandably, so his gig was actually quite ok. Let’s hope and see if that’s how it’s gonna stay over the next weeks and concerts!

And then Kaizers came on! Unfortunately, the did not use the intro of the intro this time. =:-( Maybe it was just this time that they didn’t use it? Because I have no clue what would be so typical Norwegian about it that they cannot use it outside of Norway. Let’s see…

Here’s the setlist: Maskineri, Delikatessen, 9mm, Blitzregn Baby, Ompa til du dør, Bøn fra helvete, Volvo i Mexiko, Kontroll på kontinentet, Kvite Russer, Resistansen, Maestro. Encore: KGB, Bak et halleluja, 170. Actually, there were more songs on the setlist (namely Bastard sønn, Enden av november, Apokalyps meg) – but Kaizers didn’t play them. Sounds bad, but actually I didn’t notice. I noticed that they changed the setlist while going along, but to me it seemed like they replaced songs and not left them out. And I didn’t notice during the concert that the setlist was rather short, in contrary, I had the impression that it was quite long. Weird. *g*

Right in the beginning, the Jackal asked who had been there last time already and who attended his first Kaizers concert. It was about fifty-fifty. But now of course, we were all infected with the Kaizer virus, and there is no cure! In the middle of the announcement, the Jackal switched to English, with a very strong accent, of course. So Hellraizer pointed out to him that the Kaizer virus will also make you talk with a German accent. =;-)

Then the question about who came from Norway for the concert, who from Finnland and who from Denmark? The wannabe-Dane was put to the test: “How do you say 170 in Danish?” Of course, the Jackal could not really hear the answer. But: “Sixhundredfortysevenandhalf? No, that is wrong!”
But lateron the Dane got a second chance. Bevor Kaizers played 170, he was invited on stage and could announce the song, in Danish of course. And it sounded almost exactly like what the Jackal had guessed before. *lol*

Of course the audience had to sing along during Kvite Russer. And this worked out perfectly! Or well, actually it worked perfectly lateron, but during Kvite Russer it was not really perfect yet. The “kvit” part was way too soft (no wonder, it’s much too high… *sigh*) and the audience somehow didn’t seem too sure about the rhythem and so there was some singing, but it wasn’t really as it was supposed to be. Still, the Jackal sat down on one of the barrels and listend to the audience singing to him for a change. =;-)

Right afterwards, they played Resistansen, in a version that I have read about before but didn’t understand how it was supposed to be before seeing and hearing it myself. =;-) Mink, Thunder, and Killmaster started with the music – without the drum roll tough – and the Jackal turned to them and stopped them. Then they started again, the Jackal stopped them again, and so on. All of this until the audience decided this is stupid and started singing the first verse. And of course, the Jackal was TOTALLY surprised about that. =;-) He turned around, and we sang the whole song all alone until the band came in for the second verse. Yep, that was pretty cool! =:-)

We also had to take over part of the singing in Maestro, and lateron during Bak et halleluja. Actually, the version of Bak et halleluja was pretty strange, as the Jackal kept jumping between verse and chorus and chorus and whatever, and nobody – including the two barrelists – had a clue what part would be up next. =;-) But well, didn’t matter at all, it was really fun!

The first song of the encore was KGB, so Mink was the first one to come on stage. He jumped up on the podium and was suddenly standing right behind the keyboards. Well, that’s where he belongs, or isn’t it? He looked down at the keys for a second, looked up confused, shook his head and jumped down again, just to find his right place at the drum set. =;-)

At the end of 170, Hellraizer obviously still had too much energy. He worked on his barrel with the crowbar, but that wasn’t enough for the Jackal. So they threw the two barrels in the center of the stage, and Hellraizer had to work on them there. The Jackal held out the microphone to catch every sound. Even the one of Hellraizer’s heart beating after all the hard work! =;-)

So, all in all, a really nice concert! Unfortunately it was not sold out, but the audience was enthusiastic and very eager on singing along. And even though Kaizers didn’t play a lot of songs, they took their time, so that the concert seemed pretty long and they didn’t need more songs, actually. So now I’m excited to see what they are gonna play tonight in Malmö – maybe they’ll dare to play some more of the new songs?

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