2.3.2008 Kaizers Orchestra (Rokken, Volda)

The next morning we could catch up on some sleep (the breakfast is the limit… =;-)), as it was just a stone’s throw to Volda. Well, theoretically at least. Practically you need to take the Norwegian roads with all the ferries and toll stations into account there… But well, we arrived and had enough time to check out Volda, relax a bit and get a good dinner before we got on our way to the concert place. On the way, we found out that according to all posters, the concert had already taken place on 2/2. But well, that was only logical, as the concert in Sogndal didn’t take place on the 1st of March either but instead on February 30th… *rofl*

After arriving at Rokken, we asked ourselves why we had stood in line the day before – here in Volda, we could have just walked into the front row long after the doors opened. But the concert yesterday was so great that we didn’t regret that at all! And this time, we would just stand somewhere else, like up on the gallery! Great decision, we agreed on that at once and went up to reserve three really nice places in the center of the gallery with perfect overview of the whole stage. Well. Just before the concert started, we were sent down again, because the gallery was closed… *grmbl* OK, it was understandable, because there was hardly anybody in the audience. With the gallery open, you could have fit all people into a front row probably, either the “real” first row or the first row up on the gallery…

Then Petur Ben started playing (I really loved it again, and I was so stupid to not buy a CD… *grr*), and it suddenly got crowded. And: The gallery was opened again. A big “thank you, assholes” to the staff for this smart deed… *grmbl*

The result of this was that there were only deadheads up on the gallery in the end. NOTHING was happening up there, most people were just standing there leaning on the barrier, frowning, obviously being bored to death. =:-( Whatever the Jackal did to get them moving – they just didn’t care. No arms in the air, no singing, no screaming. But well, according to the Jackal they had paid double to be allowed up on the gallery… =;-)

And the concert started again: “You wake up. You greet the day. You grab the morning paper. And although it seems like any ordinary day, it isn’t. Because of one extraordinary reason: One band. Two barrels. Three chords. Four dreams. Five lies. Six ties. Seven deadly sins. Eight ways to stay alive. They know who you are. They know where you live. They’re the Kaizers Orchestra!”

By then, we had found ourselves a pretty good place to the very right of the stage. Good view and enough space to move and dance – we had a lot of fun there! And also in general, the atmosphere was absolutely great, and afterwards we three agreed that this one was the best of the three concerts we had seen. No clue though if this was because of the atmosphere or because of the great setlist. But the fact that they played Toxic Blod was part of the reason, for sure! =;-)

It seems that this time, Kaizers really keep their word about changing the setlist every night! =:-) This is really nice for everybody who sees several concerts. But it makes it harder to come up with the correct setlist afterwards – especially because they never play what is actually written on the list. =;-) So here is again a setlist made up from what was written and what I remember: Maskineri, Bastard Sønn, 9mm, Sigøynerblod, Ompa til du dør, Maestro, Volvo i Mexico, Kvite Russer, Enden av November, Toxic blod, KGB, Blitzregn Baby, Kontroll på kontinentet, Apokalpys meg. Encore Veterans klage, Hevnervals, Container, Bøn fra helvete.

The new songs really work out very well live. Maskineri as the opening song is perfect, and then Bastard Sønn with the Jackal singing only one line and the audience taking over afterwards – hell yeah! And also Apokalyps meg and Volvo i Mexico are great and they really rock, Enden av November is a beautiful ballad, and the other songs we already know from the last tour. =;-)

Toxic Blod didn’t work out as great as I hoped it would – on the record, it is my favorite at the moment, but live Maskineri and Bastard Sønn are better. But who knows, maybe (hopefully!) it will be a real live hit as soon as Kaizers are a bit more used to playing it.

In the front row, there was a little girl, Oda, who was first greeted by the Jackal and then by all of us in the audience. Kaizers dedicated Enden av November to her – and Hellraizer promised that this song wouldn’t be that ugly and bad for a change. *g* And then the Jackal forgot the lyrics, but well, he just wanted to let the audience sing anyway. =;-)

Kvite Russer wasn’t on the setlist, but the Jackal spontaneously decided to play it – and it worked out perfectly again with the audience taking over the choir.

Then it was time for questions from the audience, and the Jackal was asked whether he had a good time. Woohoo, oh yes, he had! And then he turned this into a competition about who had the better time, he or the audience. And we were louder. =;-)

Well, and then we heard the story about the Germans and their way of pronouncing Maskineri again… Well, it’s obvious that it must be pronounced as Maski-Néri, of course! *gg*
But Norwegians don’t have any problems understanding other languages, it’s just the Germans that skjønner ingenting. Paaah, we really should test that once… =;-)

The hero of the night was Omen again. Not only because he is playing all instruments at the same time, but he also gets my Oscar for best supporting actor. *g* This guy will really start examining the lamp on top of the organ or polishing the gasmask in the middle of the concert, looking dead serious. While of course keeping on playing at the same time. We were very amused. *gg*

Kontroll på kontinentet was a bit weird this time – the Jackal asked if they should keep on playing or first introduce the band. The audience answered something, but of course you couldn’t really understand. So the Jackal asked again: “Shall we go on with the song?” – the answer from the audience was a clear “nei!”. So they just went on with the song… ?!? So the band introduction was canceled. OK, it is absolutely understandable if they are fed up with the introduction by now, but then they should come up with some alternative. =;-) So this time, they just didn’t introduce the band at all.

During the whole concert, the atmosphere was fantastic (except for on the gallery, of course =;-)). Because of this I really couldn’t understand why Kaizers didn’t come out for a second encore. Especially as it took very long until the music and the lights came on.

But anyway, there was no way this could have influenced our excitement about the concert. A great show, and a worthy conclusion of our concert trip! Kaizers at their best, hope it will stay just like that throughout the whole tour! =:-)

A gigantic Thank You to Lena and Linda for the fantastic time, and to Aud and the others for great company. It was so much fun! And I really can’t wait until end of March and the next concerts! =:-)

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