29.2.2008 Kaizers Orchestra (Arenum, Bergen)

Yeah! That was a great first concert of the tour – but as I don’t really have time for a long report, I’ll try to keep it short (I can’t really remember a lot anyway, especially I don’t have a clue about the setlist that was pretty different from the “normal” setlist):

BEWARE! The following text might contain spoilers! But in my opinion, it’s not really anything “essential”.

  • There was a new intro in the beginning, where Kaizers were introduced. “… They know who you are. They know where you live. They are Kaizers Orchestra!” And then, as always, the Russian Dance.
  • The first song was Maskineri, followed by Bastard Sønn (yeah!) and several other new songs.
  • After that, there was a “block” with old songs, and then again some new ones – in general, the setlist was really mixed and unusual. But really nice!
  • Without doubt, Helge was the hardest working man on stage. Somehow I got the feeling that during practising, they always ran into the problem: “Oh wait, someone’s got to play that part. Helge?” *lol* But he did it all, and especially the Marimba playing was great!
  • The light was really impressive, with a new logo (“Kaizers Orchestra” in white on a black background) which could be lighted in very different ways and colors.
  • They played a LOT of the new songs (Moment, Apokalyps meg, Den andre er meg, Bastard Sønn, Maskineri, 9 mm, Volvo i Mexico, Enden av november). And people were singing along already!
  • But of course they also played old songs – all the old hits of course (Maestro for example was very early in the set), but also for example Kvite Russer and Dieter Meyer’s! Yeah!
  • Den andre er meg was really amazing, Janove dueting with Mrs. Ragnhild Kaizer!
  • At the beginning, Kaizers came on stage in black suits with white shirts – and for the encore, they changed to gray suits with black shirts. *g* And Mr. Jackal knows EXACTLY how to place himself in the right light… *g* You could notice that when he took off his shirt almost panicky before the beginning of Apokalyps meg – where he was standing in the light all alone, with his shirt off, of course. *lol*
  • So this were all the general stuff about the concert. But of course they also talked a bit:
    • They have waited one year, three days and 29 days for this day! Way too long!
    • After Resistansen: An unusual song for an unusual band, and 3200 unusual fans singing along – Jørgen Træen would never have believed that when they first played the song for him.
    • The Jackal was just on promo tour in Germany – and everybody there thought that the name of the album was Italian or something. Mas-ki Ne-ri! *g* (which is completely understandable, by the way *g*)
    • And then they played the songs were all the fans are discussing whether it got the world’s best or the most stupid name: Volvo i Mexico.

OK, so that was pretty short and unorganized now, but well, I need to leave something that I can write tomorrow. =;-) In any case, it was a great first concert, and the band was in top form. Personally, I thought there were just too many people. But well, I just don’t like big concerts. *g* And I was expecting it to be worse, so the great concert made up for it completely!

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