20.10.2007 Skambankt (Redrum, Hammerfest)

The next day we put our lives at stake by driving over icy mountain roads to Hammerfest, the northermost city of the world (yeah! *g*). A bus had already driven off the road – but Lena got us to Hammerfest safely and without problems. =:-)

Actually, I was surprised (and relieved *g*) to see that the town seemed bigger and nicer than Alta. So at least we wouldn’t be bored to death when we spent the whole Sunday there, waiting for our flight back.

But first it was time for another concert! Redrum turned out to be a tiny but really nice concert place. The stage was even lower than in Tromsø (thus about 10 cm instead of 15 =;-)), but it looked a bit bigger because the monitors were up on the ceiling this time and thus didn’t take up any space.

The place filled up pretty well, and we were pleased to see that the audience was way different from the audience in Alta. So we were in a really good mood and spent the waiting time setting up an alternate setlist (that Mr. Winters didn’t even look at, pfff…), trying to find out on what count the counting up in Alarm had to start and discussing which languages would be most suitable for counting. The favorite answer we came up with was “Can’t you count yourself?!?” though. =;-)

Anyway. *g* Then the concert finally started, and it was perfect right from the beginning! The setlist was exactly the same as in Tromsø, but well, it’s a good setlist, so I’m not gonna complain (even though I really wanted Ordets Gud! *grr*).

As in Tromsø, we had to count up in Me sa nei again, but this time we didn’t make it all the way up to twenty, because someone in the audience started counting 1-2-3-4 all the time after a while. Well, that was easier for us poor foreigners in any case. =;-)

The atmosphere was really good – not quite as enthusiastic as in Tromsø, but way better than in Alta. So Skambankt immediately felt at home – well, Bones is from Hammerfest, so “his home, our home!” And hey, it MUST be cool to come to the northermost town in the world and have a crowd of people cheering at you. =:-)

Then it was time for Alarm again. I felt perfectly safe, ’cause I had had my turn in Tromsø already and there were enough other people to choose from. =;-) But no mercy, I was dragged up on stage again and was supposed to “show the Norwegian motherfuckers” that even Germans can count to four. Even in Norwegian, uhem! *g* So during the next song, Ted proved that also Norwegians can count to four in German. I was impressed. =;-)

Then the new song, Løgnprofitør, that no one has heard before – “except for them, because they have been in Tromsø as well” – and I really really like it. Looking forward to that album!

As last “official” song it was time for Skamania, the song that is “a little bit about this town”, with Ted wandering out into the audience again and a really annoying girl up front. And then they went off stage – and everybody got ready to leave! Hey, come on, don’t let them get away this easy! Fortunately we managed to get everybody to scream for more in the end… *g*

So we still got the two encore songs, Panzersjokk and KKK – still no Ordets Gud. =:-( But that didn’t matter, the concert was great fun and the perfect conclusion for the road trip up north!

We stayed a bit longer, getting some hints on how to spend the next day in Hammerfest (didn’t turn out to be very hard in the end, actually!), hearing about what’s up next for Skambankt and organizing some things that would remind us of going so far north just to see a concert! But no, how should WE know where all the glasses and posters went that night??? Uhem… *gg*

I really had a great time, and it was so worth taking the trip! The concerts in Tromsø and Hammerfest were fantastic, and Alta… well, okay, you need a little downside once in a while to better appreciate the upsides… =;-)

Thanks so much to Lena, Suzanne and Linda for great company, it was so nice to be “on the road” together with you guys! I’m really looking forward to the next concert road trip. =:-)
And of course a big thanks to Skambankt! I tried really hard, but I just didn’t manage to hate that band for more than one song after Alarm. =;-)

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