19.10.2007 Skambankt (City Scene, Alta)

Three hours of sleep is definitely too little… Still, I managed to get to the airport and to Alta. Which was by the way the tiniest airport I’ve ever seen (well, before I saw the one in Hammerfest, to be precise *g*). Anyway, no matter how small the airport: Never leave your luggage unattended! Not even if there is a limo outside waiting for you. =;-)

Uh well. Alta centrum turned out to be not very… uhm… attractive (I actually wanted to write “existing” now, but that would be mean *g*), so I caught up on some sleep before Linda arrived and we got on our way to the venue.

The place was quite big, as this night’s concert was part of a festival, and the Skambankt concert was announced as a “night concert” and supposed to start at 1:30 at night… But the other bands were actually quite ok, Samish hip hop and pop. Didn’t really fit as “support” for Skambankt, but it did pass the time. =;-) And well, most people were only there to get drunk anyway.

Which actually was the big downside of the concert. The concert itself was as good as always, even though Skambankt were troubled by a lot of technical problems – I was really impressed by how professional they delivered their show, even though half of the audience (which wasn’t that many people anyway, it wasn’t even close to being sold out) couldn’t care less about what happened on stage. And those who cared were mostly so drunk that they didn’t have a clue about what was happening on stage and preferred to climb the barriers and throw beer on stage…

In the beginning, Skambankt had some problems with the sound and it took a bit until all worked out as planned. But then they played a great concert, I can’t think of anything happening on stage that was worse than in Tromsø – but after all, the concert was way worse, just because of the audience. Frankly speaking, it sucked. But that was not Skambankt’s fault…

The setlist was almost the same as in Tromsø, just in another order: Nok et offer, Me sa nei, Stormkast, Skambankt, Alarm, Rev. Aggregat, Dynasti, Løgnprofitør, Tyster, Desertør, Skamania, encores again Panzersjokk and KKK.

There wasn’t much talk between the songs – or at least, I don’t remember. In the beginning, Ted greeted the audience with “Hello Hammerfest”… uhem. Probably that was the reason they were so annoying. =;-) But in the end, Skambankt celebrated their first time in Alta with a bottle of champagne on stage.

Not much else that I remember, actually… It was a weird night. And Alta is not really a very exciting city, if I’m honest. =;-)

Anyway, the next day we still had time to visit Alta museum, which was quite nice. So now I know I can strike Alta from the list of towns I have to visit in my life. *g* And all in all, it was weird, but quite fun after all.

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