16.3.2007 Skambankt (Drammen)

Ryanair sucks. It is cheap, it is reliable, but why the hell does it have to leave at 6 something in the morning? So, if you meet me at some concert in Norway, don’t even bother to ask why I look like I didn’t get any sleep the last few days. I probably didn’t.

So, I arrived in Drammen at 10 in the morning, terribly tired but eager to practice my Norwegian a bit. Which I could do, and A LOT – thanks to Aud and family who were incredibly nice and took me in and bore with me all day. Thank you SOOOO much, this was just amazing! =:-) I really had a great time – tusen takk!!!

And then it was time for the concert. Just like last time Skambankt played in Drammen, it took a looooong time until the concert actually started. But unlike last time, there were lots of people there! I don’t think the show was sold out, and it was still in a fairly small hall, but it looked crowded, and the atmosphere was good.

The support act dOMi was not bad – I really liked the music, even though it seemed a bit like they “borrowed” their songs from lots of different bands =;-), but the playing wasn’t really that good. Anyway, it was kinda fun.

Then Skambankt came on, and obviously they were impressed by the audience. Or who knows, maybe it was just me who was impressed. =;-) Remembering the last concert in Drammen, where people were just standing for the first half of the concert, until a few punk kiddies started to jump around and kick everybody who got in their way… This time, the atmosphere was really good right from the beginning, and Mr. Winters pointed out over and over again that this would be a good concert.

The energy on stage was as high as in the audience, of course, even though I had the tiniest feeling that the guys were a bit tired. But well, if you’re not tired after driving down from Trondheim, it would be a bit weird… And none of the others noticed, so who knows, maybe it was just me being tired after all. =;-)

They played the same songs as in Denmark, but they had changed the order a bit. Here’s the setlist: Nok et offer, Me sa nei, Stormkast #1, Skambankt, Dynasti, Revolusjonens aggregat, Alarm, Tyster, Desertør, Fritt fall, Min eliksir, Skamania, encore Angst and KKK.

Tyster got a slow ending again, with the audience singing, and we can all move to Skamania if we want to. And if for some reason we should be missing some of the albums – “we’re selling them out there as well!” =;-)

Before playing Min eliksir, Ted explained that the whole concert had been building up to this one song, the best they ever made. Uhem. Okay. Maybe I should stop loving them right there… =;-) Or maybe I should just be happy that I got one song during the concert where I don’t mind taking out my camera and being distracted. *cough*

For KKK, Skambankt got up their own concierge on stage to announce the song. And he did his job just great, first praising Skambankt and then announcing KKK.

Uh yeah, and somehow, the monitor boxes seemed to look more stable than they really were, ’cause everybody kept on slipping and falling of. When Don Fist tried to climb up on one to play the solo in Skamania, he tumbled down on stage – and after that, Ted got him to climb up on the drum pedestral. For safety reasons, Panzer and Winters held onto him then during the solo, so he wouldn’t fall… *rofl*

Well, and that’s about all I remember. It was a great concert, the audience had lots of fun, and I’m sure everybody’s gonna be back next time!

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