3.3.2007 Skambankt (Copenhagen)

After a funny episode in the record store (“Can we get those Skambankt posters?” – “Sure. Hey, you’re the ones who took photos of the posters yesterday, right?” Photos?? We?!? NEVER! *rofl*) and a long and silent train ride, only disturbed by the conductor running off with our tickets (“I need to check this!” – yeah, we are evil foreigners, but we forgot to pack the stones anyway…), we arrived in Copenhagen to the sound of police sirens. Luckily this was all we got to see of the riots – there was LOTS of police everywhere, but things seemed to have calmed down. But we stayed in the city center, so who knows what was happening elsewhere…

We met up with two fans from Germany and Poland, got lunch and walked up and down Strøget (is there anything else to do in Copenhagen? *g*), got back to the hostel, and suddenly time was flying and we didn’t arrive at The Rock until 8:30 or so – and as the website said it should begin at nine, we were kind of confused when there were neither other people there nor an open door nor a sign about when the doors would open. But luckily a certain band just walked by and told us they wouldn’t go on stage until midnight – so time for us to go out and have fun. =;-)

Having fun isn’t that easy if all pubs show soccer, but in the end we found a pub with only a small TV and music that was louder than the commentary, so we did alright. *g* And when we came back to The Rock, it had already filled up pretty well. We met some more German fans and Lars, who had already seen the other two concerts in Denmark just like we had.

Finally the support band entered the stage. President Fetch, a band from Copenhagen, looking like a boring rock’n’roll band with a singer who looks like his idol is Mr. Almqvist – and sounding like the Hives in hardcore. With the singer going completely crazy, and the audience having fun (at least the part that wasn’t shaking their heads in disbelief). I definitely liked it. Not because it was good, but because it was completely crazy.

Then, just after midnight, Skambankt came on. And this time, there was no “heating up” for the first five minutes. Or even the first two minutes. Everybody just went crazy right from the beginning! The audience seemed a bit different than at the first two concerts – less “concert people”, more regulars of the club. And this just fit in with Skambankt, and yep, my assumption was right: Building up for the perfect concert at The Rock!

Guess I could stop my report right here, ’cause that tells it all. But I got two pages of notes, so I’m gonna write the rest as well. If you don’t care about the details, just be assured: That concert was perfect. Energy on stage, madness in front of it, and gleaming eyes whereever you looked.

The stage itself was a bit weird, in the corner and very long. So Skambankt had just put up four microphones this time – for three people. Can be convenient if you’re running around and suddenly you have to sing. *lol* And Panzer even went down into the audience once, playing while people were jumping around him. Seemed like a bad idea at first, but it was really cool. =;-)

Of course Ungdomshuset was a subject again. ‘Cause “there’s a revolution going on here, and every little (Ted corrected himself here after saying “liten” – of course he meant “liden” *lol*) revolution needs an aggregate of course!” But the guitar was out of tune at that moment, so: “Just a second… The aggregate must be tuned first!” *rofl*

The band obviously enjoyed themselves on stage. No wonder, the atmosphere was really great and everybody was having fun. It was hot, no question about it, but that just fit the atmosphere… And before the (almost) final song, KKK, Ted told us to each step back a bit: “This will be bad now!”

And before, he had already concluded that it is great to be Norwegian in Denmark… and he started explaining and actually singing the advertisement that has been running on Norwegian TV for years, advertising vacation in Denmark – det er deilig å være norsk i Danmark!

Before Skamania, Ted asked who wanted to save Christiania. And he announced Skambankt would found a new state, down in Kristiansand, and move Christiania there. And call it Skamania, of course!

By the way, I noticed during the show that I’m getting better and better at simultaneously translating concerts… *rofl* That would be a plan for the next tour: “Pay 10 kroner more and get a headphone translating all that happens into YOUR language!” *gg*

As in Aalborg, they played Poltistat as last song. “A song that is very old but fits the situation”. They still hadn’t practiced it (if looks could kill… *g*), but the audience went crazy anyway.

And then it was over… but it was so great, I just couldn’t feel bad about that. The whole trip was absolutely worth it, I had a great time. All three concerts were great, and even getting better and better! Thanks a lot for the great shows!
A big hello to everybody I talked to, was nice meeting you again, and of course thanks to Nad – it was great being on the road together!

Now let’s see if Drammen and Oslo can top that – honestly I doubt that, but it’s worth a try. =;-)

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