2.3.2007 Skambankt (Voxhall, Århus)

After a much too short night in a much too stinky hotel room and a much too dry shower, we got on the train to Århus. Not without collecting a stack of free newspapers on the way… “Street war!” – “This is just the beginning!” – “Nørrebro turned into a combat zone!” – “Police: Keep your kids away!” Hmm… maybe we should skip Copenhagen. Or maybe we should at least pick up some cobblestones on the way? =;-) Or well, maybe we should just assume that the Danish press isn’t better than the German.

Anyway, we arrived in Århus, got our room with less trouble than the day before, and spend the day walking around the city. Until it was finally time for another concert!

Of course we were there eaaaaarly again, but well, you never know. =;-) And again, it filled up only slowly. In general, it looked a bit more crowded than the concert in Aalborg, but still – “crowded” is maybe not the right word. *g* And again, the barrels in the audience. But this time they were a bit further to the back, and that was good, as there was a lot more movement in the front than at the first Denmark concert of the tour.

Nad took on the responsibility of taking pictures during the concert, so I could enjoy the concert without taking out my camera even once, veeerrry nice. Plus, this means there are some really great pictures of this show, in contrast to the others… =;-)

The setlist was almost exactly the same as in Aalborg. They didn’t play Poltistat this time though, and the encores were first Angst and then KKK. A better order considering the excitement in the audience, but actually I also liked the thought of ending a concert with “ses igjen i helvete”. *rofl*

In the beginning, I was a bit sceptical. OK, I was tired and somehow not in the mood for a concert, so I didn’t enjoy the support band at all. But Skambankt shouldn’t have a problem getting me excited, right? And it’s already TWO MINUTES into the concert and I’m not amazed yet? And Panzer is tumbling around on stage instead of posing, and hey, that was a wrong tone there in the bass! (Not mentioning the accusing look of Ted at that moment, of course. *rofl*)

Well, it actually took my five minutes this time to really get into it. =;-) But then everything was just like it had to be: The crowd going crazy, and the band on stage – well, I guess “going crazy” is a good expression for that as well. *g* Running around, posing, rocking. Yeah!

The announcements were fairly similar to those in Aalborg, we heard about them waking up in the middle of the riots again – and “Skambankt sier nei!” Ted counted 350 people when he asked who owned the first Skambankt album. And he had read a manual about how a good rock concert should look like, and it is supposed to have curves – “and now we go down” – the next song was Tyster, the only Skambankt ballad. But after that, he got his black “rock guitar”, and the curve went up again. =;-)

The crowd was a lot more active than in Aalborg. And after the first stagediver made it down safely, the stage was open for all the others, of course. But somehow they didn’t learn throughout the whole show that people jumping in on the “Panzer side” kept crashing down. =;-) Well, anyway it was a lot more than in Aalborg, where the only one who dared to climb the stage decided to jump down feet first in the end. *g*

During Alarm, Ted got a guy from the front row up on stage to have him count in. He did that, and kept on screaming into the mike afterwards. And then he stagedived on the wrong side. =;-) During Bones’ drum solo, Fist and Panzer climbed up on the drum podest – feeding bones a beer while he was playing. And before playing Skambankt, Ted and Panzer seemed to be duelling with the guitars, cool.

That’s basically all I remember. The atmosphere was great, and even though I guess I’ll never understand people standing in the front reaching out for guitars, legs and whatever all the time, trying to touch and grab everything (and no, I’m not talking about girls only!), it was a lot of fun watching everybody go completely crazy! The sound seemed a lot better than at the first concert as well – so, starting with a very good concert in Aalborg, topping that in Århus and building up to the perfect show in Copenhagen, I assume?

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