17.11.2005 Kaizers Orchestra (Rockefeller, Oslo )

My last concerts of this tour, the “big finale” so to say, were two concerts in Oslo in Rockefeller. I must admit that I was just a wee bit sceptical about that – I mean, I’ve seen this show often enough now, and as the Rockefeller concerts were not the last concerts of the tour (only MY last concerts), I didn’t expect any suprises. Actually, there were no surprises – except for the fact that those concerts were among the best I’ve ever seen, and well, Kaizers are just the very very best band live!

I’ll skip the part about what else happened those two days in Oslo, I got enough to write anyway… =;-) The thing that was really sad this time was that the “social components”, or in other words – the parties with the other fans *g*, were missing this time. Most of the time I could only manage to exchange a few words… sorry about that! It’s just that we were extremely busy, as we were in Oslo not only for the concerts, but also to collect some material for the very big very secret something. =;-) And we were VERY successful, so I advice everybody to check back on this page (or on kaizers.de) next week!

But let’s get to the concert now. We were there only shortly before the concert started – we thought. But in the end it turned out the show only started two hours after the doors opened, so our hurry was in vain. But we were definitely too late to get a good place during the concert – no matter whether in the front or on the gallery. So I was kind of afraid I’d really hate the concert, ’cause I was tired and exhausted, and only HEARING the concert wouldn’t make it better… Well, no reason to worry, not at all. =;-) I had a lot of fun right from the beginning, and it took me less than 15 minutes to end up in front, maybe third or fourth row. On the side, of course, but that didn’t matter.

You can find the setlist on drmowinckel.com, I don’t know it. But there were no big surprises, except for Jævel av an tango – but this one was nice enough (even though the Jackal basically told the story of the whole song when he announced it *g*)! OK, I can’t judge how the song works during a “normal” concert – but Kaizers were in a fantastic mood in Oslo, so NOTHING could have been bad. =;-) They were constantly moving, posing weirdly, talking stupid and doing mad things all the time. *g* There was a kind of podium behind the drum set, and the guitar players went up there to pose all the time – I guess it was the first night they had a podium like that, and they obviously had a lot of fun finding out what you can do with a thing like that. And it definitely looks impressive when the guitar players suddenly turn up in front of the logo.

Of course all the announcements were in Norwegian, but the Jackal is starting to speak much more clearly by now (*lol*, ok, that _could_ also be due to me, and yes, I’m proud *gg*). Anyway, I don’t guarantee for anything I think to have understood. =;-) According to the Jackal and Killmaster, the audience was “a little better than last time”, but anyway, it’s always “the best” at Rockefeller. But also they recognized half of the audience from last time, or well, “uhm, you up there, you got your hair cut, didn’t you?” =;-)

Hmm, so what else do I remember? As I already said, there was a podium beneath the logo. In the very beginning, when they were climbing up there for the first time, Hellraizer ran towards Killmaster to hug him and congratulate him on his great guitar solo. Then they tried to pose back to back, but that didn’t really work out, as the podium-floor apparantly was a little more slippery than the stage floor, which lead to Hellraizer suddenly finding himself on the floor. Which definitely amused Killmaster. *g*
At some point in time, even Øyvind decided to get his time in the spotlight and lifted his bass up to the podium. This and Minken with the old hat from the Vega concert on his head, an amazing picture.

And all the time, they were delivering a terrific show. Killmaster and the Jackal jumped into the audience several times, partly both at the same time, Killmaster doing a somersault when jumping in – I would have liked to see that from up on the gallery. =;-) Don’t know if the people who were beneath him liked it that much though. *g* Anyway, the Jackal returned to the stage gleaming: “Now, that was a nice swimming-tour!” Killmaster got himself a gasmask someone in the audience had brought to the show and put it on, but only up to his forehead, which made him look like a duck, honestly. =;-) But of course like a cool duck. *lol*
A little later, he stagily beat up his barrel, not after carefully wrapping his hand and arm in a towel, of course. Uhm yes, and we’d better leave out the kiss between Killmaster and the Jackal here. =;-)

When they went off stage for the last time, Omen took over the job of security, guarding the others off stage. Probably to make sure they didn’t turn back and decide to play some more songs, ’cause that was what they all looked like. *g*

And probably Hellraizer also did a lot during the show, but he was mostly out of sight for me, so I didn’t notice. =;-)
Or well, yes. For example, he stood on stage with his arm and axe stick high up in the air all the time while the Jackal explained that the next song was definitely a song for men. ‘Cause women, he told us, would for the following song choose that (he held up a second axe stick). But he showed us that that really doesn’t sound good at all on a barrel. _Real men_ on the other hand, they use the crowbar, of course… *g*

At the end, during Restistancen, the Jackal was seized by another one of his artist-attacks. He sung “Og for at…” – and of course the audience was with him: “sssssssss….”. But the Jackal didn’t like that at all, we were supposed to be quiet, he is the artist, HE does the singing. But well, that’s just impossible, he didn’t manage, not even at the fifth try… *gg* Sssssssss…

Wow, just a great concert! We were completely wasted, but we had to do some organizational stuff and thus we missed the Nachspiel. But well, the night was great anyway! =:-)

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