6.10.2005 Kaizers Orchestra (Vega, Kopenhagen)

During the next day I did some more sightseeing – but somehow I wasn’t that impressed. Maybe because I walked around fairly aimlessly ’cause I had no idea about what to visit in Copenhagen? Or maybe I was just too tired? Or maybe Copenhagen is not really the most interesting city to visit? I don’t know, but it didn’t matter, I was not bored, and at night we went back to Vega. This time up to the gallery, ’cause I didn’t really want to go through all the pushing and sweating down in the front again – and also, ’cause I finally wanted to SEE what happens in the audience when Killmaster runs through the crowd and the Jackal jumps and so on. *g*

Plus, today they were shooting the DVD (they also did some filming and recording yesterday, but not with that many cameras, and just “to practice”). And I’m not really too anxious about being on the DVD all the time, honestly – I myself know that I was there when it was shot, that’s enough. *g* But it didn’t really work out, there were far too many red lights, I fear. *cough* Maybe because also the Save-Me-Kaizers decided to stand up on the gallery, and we were having a great time up there, celebrating the concert, uhm. =;-)

Anyway, we really had a lot of fun, and the concert was completely amazing. If I would still judge concerts, it would be under the top shows, I guess. But I don’t. *g*
There wasn’t much new – the concert was pretty much identical to the one the day before, the setlist was the same, and also the talking was very similar. But that didn’t matter, I could listen to that setlist over and over again. *g*

From the gallery you could see very clearly how much fun the audience had down there. And what crowd there was and how they were pushing to get to the front – or whereever the Jackal was. *g* When Killmaster “parted the crowd” to run through the hall, there were some idiots who used the aisle that was forming to run to thre front, but Killmaster managed to jump into the audience anyway without problems. But during Maestro, Hellraizer and the Jackal stayed on stage this time, maybe they found it a little too risky. *g* But the Jackal jumped into the audience during Hevnervals and the Gypsy Finale, as he did yesterday.

As I wrote, most of the rest was the same as yesterday, and all the talking will be on the DVD I guess, so I don’t have to come up with it now. During Mr. Kaizer, the audience was singing along a lot more enthusiastically than the day before (or maybe that was just due to the fact I wasn’t using my earplugs this time? *g*), so that the band only entered the stage at the very end of the song, thus they didn’t sing along. As a last encore they did play Die Polizei this time, and after that Kaizers were standing on stage arm in arm again, like after the Rockefeller concert last year, with tears in their eyes and totally happy, content and impressed. And they had every right to feel like that. I just love this band…

So, a big big THANK YOU from me for this tour. First of all to the band and the crew, you’re just the best, and I want to mary all of you. =;-) And then to everybody that was on tour with me, who was at a concert with me, who just suddenly turned up and said hello, who greeted me so friendly, who offered me a place to sleep, and who endured all my moods and quirks. Thank you sooooo much, I had an amazing time, and I can’t wait for the next tour! See you all then!

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