1.10.2005 Kaizers Orchestra (Gebäude 9, Köln)

Now, what the hell was that?!? This was somehow different. No idea WHAT was different, but it was definitely good. =;-)

But let’s start at the beginning. We arrived very late (somehow map and streets didn’t match, and if then there’s some weird roundabouts and rails in the middle of the street… *sigh* Well, at some point in time we found it, fortunately. *g*). Geoff Berner was already playing. My first thought when I entered the hall was that this would be the first concert and the “most stupid” show of the tour vor me probably – it was totally impossible to get to the front, or even really inside of the concert place, because it was soooo crowded. And from the back you couln’t see a thing. Well. Two minutes later I was in the second row, left side of the stage, and satisfied. Even though temperature and oxygen level reminded me of Berlin a little – fortunately only a little. It got really hot in the end, but at least there was some air to breathe, so this was something at least. =;-)

Well, the first songs were “like always”, then there was suddenly Hevnervals, and then they threw their complete setlist away and played a totally different order. Or, as Hellraizer said lateron, “we played the encore before the encore.” Which I think is a fairly good idea, ’cause until now it was the same on almost all concerts, that the audience only really woke up during the Gypsy Finale. And then, the concert was always finished… I’m not completely sure about the setlist. This is what was on: KGB, Delikatessen, Knekker deg til sist, Hevnervals, Container, Senior Flamingos Adieu, Blitzregn Baby, Di grind, Kontroll på kontinentet, Dr. Mowinckel, Gypsy Finale. Encores Evig pint, Ompa til du dør and Maestro. But they definitely didn’t play Evig pint. But I think, they played Bøn fra helvete at some point in time, but I don’t know when. Also yesterday, I think, but it also wasn’t on the list then…

As I wrote, somehow it was “different” this time, I had the feeling they were putting more energy in it, at least at the beginning. No idea if this was due to the temperatures or to the fact that it was completely sold out. But it was great. *g* The Jackal jumped in the audience already during Hevnervals and surfed the crowd, and well, the whole atmosphere was awesome. And the Jackal pointed out that now everybody who was there (no matter if for the first time or if they had been to Kaizers concerts before) was now infected with the Kaizer virus. Hell yeah… Jackal: “And there is no cure!” – Hellraizer: “There is no KNOWN cure! We haven’t been in the jungle yet, or deep in the ocean, there might still be a cure somewhere. There’s still hope!” – Jackal: “But – that is bad for us…”

The Jackal went from loved to hated in five seconds though when he almost greeted the “Dutch audience”… *cough* But he made up for it by telling the long and elaborate story on how he played at a big Dutch festival on the Dutch national day and came out on stage and shouted “Hello Germany!”. *rofl*

When they played Dr. Mowinckel, the Jackal put on his gloves and started talking without breaks – in Norwegian, without mike. Hellraizer started to translate, but what he said definitely didn’t fit what the Jackal had said (“you can buy the tattoo at the merch stand!”). *g* Then a great version of Dr. Mowinckel, which required a lot from the Jackal, as it was really really hot by now.
Then afterwards the question from the Jackal to Hellraizer: “Did you warm them up for me now?”

This time, they were giving out lots of water to the audience, and the Jackal explained that in Berlin, 5 people had collapsed because of the heat. Hmm, including the band? =:-p

Then they were up on the barrels, and Hellraizer discovered he could reach the speaker above him and turn it this way or the other. “Hmm, do you want it more like this? Or like this? Or…” Jackal: “Oh, just leave it hanging there, will you?” So Hellraizer moved his barrel a little way backward (while standing on it!), and almost tumbled off. But only almost. =;-)

And of course the question again who already bought the new album. And the second one? And the first? And the others? Hellraizer: “They are probably unemployed and without money.”

In the end the audience could ask questions again, I think during Resistansen. And the question was the known one: “What’s your name?” – So we could shout “Kaizer” again – no, not shout. Say. And scream. And whisper. And loooooove. Hach… *g*

Well, and after the Gypsy Finale, the band was completely amazed and overwhelmed by the audience’s response. So that’s what happy rockstars look like… =:-)

After the concert, a nice time with all the other fans, the music was pretty much okay but much too loud, so we didn’t stay that long this time, and I’ve gotten enough sleep for the first time in a whole week… so, let’s get on the way to Bielefeld. *g*

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