30.9.2005 Kaizers Orchestra (Karlstorbahnhof, Heidelberg)

Waah, and now the tour really started. So I will just ignore all the work and the chaos of the last week, and it didn’t even matter too much that I needed about three hours for the 150 kilometers to Heidelberg. So I arrived at Karltorbahnhof together with Shirin and two friends who were converted to Kaizers-fans at the last Heidelberg concert – and the club was packed! =:-o Last time, there was hardly anybody there, and this time it was so crowded you could hardly get in the front and people were standing outside in the hall because the concert hall was packed and they couldn’t get inside. Totally crazy, where do all those people come from? Wow!

As my brain and my memory completely left me this time and I didn’t get around to take any notes after the concert, this report won’t be about too many details. But there’s enough to writ on anyway… *g*

First the setlist, it’s a little different this time: KGB, Delikatessen, Knekker deg til sist, Container, Senior Flamingos Adieu, Blitzregn Baby, Mann mot mann, Kontroll på kontinentet, Hevnervals, Auksjon, Dieter Meyers Inst., Maestro. Encore Ompa til du dør and Gypsy Finale.

Kontroll på kontinentet was this time dedicated to the seventh Kaizer – Mr. Tor “Elvis” Kaizer, who celebrated his 40th birthday right on that day. And of course this had to be celebrated on stage as well! With presents (Jackal: “Do we have time for that? We DO have time for that, right?”) from the crew and from the band and an Elvis cake. *g* Probably this was completely boring for everyone except for the band, the crew and certain hardcore fans, but well, I enjoyed it. =;-)

Talking about Elvis – lateron in the show it turned out that a guy in the audience was actually called Elvis, and after making sure this was really true (by checking the wallet – but somehow Hellraizer was much more interested in the money that was inside, poor rockstar… *g*) he was first greeted by the other real Elvis and then ordered on stage, where he got the cape and the sunglasses and danced to Resistansen with Janove.

In general, this was the day to take people on stage, it seemed. After the Jackal took off his sweaty shirt, he bid 10 Euro to the girl who would put the shirt on. No problem to find someone… the girl was just a little shocked when the Jackal told her to take off her shirt first. But she did it, while the Jackal guarded her back with a towel so nobody would see her, and she was rewarded for it – she could stand on the barrel together with Killmaster during Sigøynerblod. But Killmaster feared that Hellraizer might get jealous, so he asked the Jackal to get someone for him too to stand on his barrel. No problem – “but this must be a guy, right, Hellraizer?” Hellraizer: “I don’t care…” So he also got some company on his barrel. *g*

Well, the girl had to change back afterwards and give back the shirt, and I don’t think she got her money. But I mean, they just couldn’t afford it. The had made it very clear earlier on that now they could only play one more song for the money they took at the entrance. But of course we could all go out and pay, say, 5 Euro more and then they would play longer… this lead to shouting “We pay more!” at the end of the concert – didn’t help, though. =;-)

There was also a girl on stage during Mann mot mann, dancing, and the Jackal messed up with the setlist again, so Kontroll is called Hevnervals now, but well, who cares. *g* And before they played Dieter Meyers Inst., there was a long monologue about who had already bought the album (the crew raised their hands – “Hey, we gave it to you, that’s different!” – “No, I bought it!” – “OK, that’s good, you can stay. But YOU are fired!”), and that those people who have the album will recognize the song, the other could not, of course, and that it’s the nicest and best and whatever song. Right? “Hey, you can’t tell, I didn’t announce what song I’m talking about!”

So, that’s what I remember. Not much, but well… Afterwards some drinks to finish off the night (finally not alone again on a concert, so I didn’t need to get home right afterwards), much to little sleep, and now I’m almost on my way to Cologne, yeah!

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