14.9.2005 Kaizers Orchestra (Kato, Berlin)

The second show in Germany, not very far away, in Berlin. Only about two and a half hours in the car, so I had time to write my Hamburg tour report before leaving from the rest stop, then I was on my way to Berlin (no speed control this time, I think *g*), and even though I didn’t really go the way I had planned, I didn’t have any trouble finding the club. I almost ran over the sound guy when going past, but then I decided not to, wanted to see the concert… *g* And then there even was a parking space close by, I could meet a dear friend, find an internet café to put my report online, something to eat and then it was already 8 pm and time for the show!
Lots and lots of people in front of the club – it was really sold out! So people were standing outside, hunting for tickets and even bidding up to 30 Euros for a ticket…

After taking a short look around the club (pretty nice, but fairly low ceiling and pretty narrow, so that you probably could’t see much from the back, except if you were on the small stand), I decided to get in the front again. First row was already occupied, of course *g*, but there was still lots of room in front. At least by 8.30, there was still room. Then people started coming to the front, and it got more and more crowded… and why was it that hot? Are there really still clubs that slept through the invention of air conditioning, decent ventilation or plain doors? Answer: Yes, there are. As bad as it is…
Even before the concert started, I wondered how this would turn out – there was no oxygen in the air, and even though it wasn’t very warm outside, inside you couldn’t even _stand_ without sweating like a pig… And then the show started.

First Geoff Berner, of course, with new tactics: “If you are nice to me, I will play four songs. If not, I will play seven!” Everybody was nice, but I wouldn’t have minded if someone had started to applaud when he announced his last song – I could have listened to the guy for some more songs, it was a great show again. And the atmosphere during his performance was _really_ good this time, people were listening and participating, and this time he played the stupid-song again. *g* Well, nobody was mean to him, so he went off stage after four songs, drenched in sweat.

Russian Dance, and the audience went crazy. No idea if there really were more people than allowed inside of Kato – I didn’t think it was _that_ packed, but it was pretty crowded, that is true. There was a group of Norwegians in front, but also the German fans started moving from the first second. I really had a hard time to decide whether I wanted to stay in front or get out to the side and out off the trouble in the center – but then I was soaked anyway and there was a nice free spot in second/third row, and anyway, that were Kaizers on stage and what should you do. No way. Of course I stayed. *g* And I didn’t regret it, but maybe I should mention that I’ve experienced a lot during my time as a Ärzte-fan – which means that this was not the hottest and muggiest concert I’ve ever been to, but it was close. The temperatures were probably about the same as at my “worst” concert at Alter Wartesaal Köln in 2000 (NEVER play there, Kaizers!), but there wasn’t as much pressure from the crowd. So it was bearable IN FRONT of the stage – but ON stage it was probably a lot worse. Hotter and even less air, and in addition to that, certain people are moving a lot during a concert…

Anyway, they delivered a fabulous show – this is really incredible under those circumstances! The guitars kept failing, Thunder had a very hard time keeping his bass in tune, and well, everything was dripping with sweat and moisture after two songs already. But who cares, they gave all they had, and more! Wow.

Hmm… what can I remember. Not too much – lack of oxygen is bad for the memory. *g* And there wasn’t as much talk on stage and as much interaction as in Hamburg, just because it was impossible. The setlist was identical to the one in Hamburg, just without an encore.

At the beginning, it started “like always”, nothing special just because it was a little hotter. Same energy, same level. Then, lateron, starting around Kontroll på kontinentet, it was possible to see that the band had to fight to keep on going – but only if you’ve seen lots of concerts, otherwise you couldn’t notice that, I guess. And I was really amazed by that – I would have gone down a lot earlier.
The Jackal took off his shirt after a few songs already, well, it was completely soaked anyway. “We are all one big family. Come on, take off your shirts! Not only the guys, also the girls!” Plus: “When you do man’s work, you have to look like a man!” *lol* And then he started treating his oil barrel.
While Thunder was whistling his solo during Senior Flamingos adieu, the Mink wiped off his forehead with a towel. Killmaster was standing in the front dripping with sweat at the same time. *g* Hmm, and this was only the 6th song, not even half-way through the concert…
But well, at least they had Elvis. He was very useful to rub off the Jackal… Didn’t help much of course, but at least a little. The first row would have needed an umbrella anyway, I guess… *lol*

At some point in time the Jackal planned to play some solo songs again, caused by some interruption of the Norwegians in the audience (no idea what they were shouting), but of course they played Dieter Meyers Inst. then. During one song the Jackal managed to tie his microphone cabel around Hellraizer’s guitar, so that the mike was hanging down from the guitar at the end of the song. Hellraizer plucked it out priggishly and handed it to the Jackal: “I think that is your’s…”
Killmaster was worrying a lot about the audience, handing out bottles of water to the first row and requesting a new case of water on stage to give it out – nothing happened though. Actually he should rather have given the water to his front man… maybe that would have helped a little. But well. Killmaster was also good for a surprise when he jumped into the audience during his solo in Kontroll på kontinentet, laying down on the audience and playing while surfing – not one wrong tone, I’m impressed! =:-)

A little later the Jackal announced: “This is hell here. So hot. But there’s no place I’d rather be… except, if it’s cooler in heaven, I’d prefer that.” *lol* And he only managed to perform Maestro ’cause he lay down on stage and sung the whole song from the stage floor – but hey, he managed to complete it!

But that was it, there was no way to go on after that. After Maestro they went off the stage without any good-bye, and shortly after, the music came on. Some minutes later the lights were turned on and the light guy announced that there would not be an encore because of the incredible heat and that they are very sorry about it. The audience applauded, so it seems nobody was angry about it – which was not really a surprise, ’cause by that time it was also unbearable IN FRONT of the stage as well.

So, a big praise to Kaizers for a very special concert. I have no idea though why they had to write such an extreme news report on kaizers.no and talk to every Norwegian newspaper… Yes, it was an extreme concert. But no, it was NOT totally chaotic or life-threatening or whatever. But I was really amazed to see how much the guys managed to give on stage, even though they were completely done in after a few songs already. Thumbs up, this was awesome!

And by the way, I was also amazed again by the atmosphere in the audience. I was just gaping at the crowd before the concert, ’cause I didn’t expect anything like this – sold-out show, and all those people want to see Kaizers – totally crazy!

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