1.9.2005 Kaizers Orchestra (Teatergarasjen, Bergen)

The next morning started much too early, like at… 11, I think. *g* On the boat to Bergen I got the chance to practice my Norwegian a little (ok, also during the Vorspiel in Stavanger, actually), and I really understand a lot more than last time, yeah! We arrived in Bergen at exactly the time when Kaizers did a signing at Platekompaniet, and as that is right next to the harbor, we had to drop by, of course. Wasn’t very interesting though, but at least I got my Kaizers flag signed. *g* Then I had to repack my stuff, buy some things, get something to eat – then Vorspiel at a hostel, and then we were on our way to Teatergarasjen through heavy rain. We went early enough though, ’cause when we arrived, it _really_ started raining, big thunderstorm, and it never really stopped until long after the show. Well, Bergen weather, what would you expect.
I didn’t want to get to the front for that concert, but actually I ended up in the third row anyway. *g* Which was great, I had such a good time, the audience was crazy, and it felt great to be in the middle of the action. Just before the concert I found out that the couple in front of me was also German… weird weird. But nice! *gg*

OK, the general things about the concert you can find in the spoiler part of the Stavanger concert report, so here’s some notes about what else happened:
They played Mann mot mann this time instead of Di grind – I think the rest of the setlist was equal.
“Hmm, something smells burnt here!” (And it did!) “Oh, I see, that’s my jacket…” *rofl* Yes, it WAS hot.
“You’re all invited to the Nachspiel. Hellraizer’s room, Hotel Norge, Room 505.”
“Skål! Do you all have something to drink? No? That’s a shame… but that’s the way it is at festivals! Aeh, concerts, I mean.”
Before Papa har lov: “This song is New York-inspired, or Harlem-inspired – or better uninspired, ’cause it’s one of Hellraizer’s songs.” – HEY! *rofl*
During Maestro, somebody came on stage to play the drums instead of Mink – from what I got from all the explications afterwards, he’s a TV guy doing things he cannot do – like playing the drums at a rock concert. Something like “Raab in Gefahr”, probably. But I have to say, he did his job very well, I thought he was maybe some drummer from another band or something. He only got out of rhythm once, when the Jackal was throwing the bra at him that was thrown on stage earlier…
They didn’t go off stage before playing the Gypsy finale this time – would just have been a waste of time. =;-)
It was the first time, Teatergarasjen was sold out, so they were very proud of that.
Apart from that, there were a lot of minor things, like some guitarist-brawls in the back of the stage, or a sweaty Jackal panting in the mike at the end of Dieter Meyers Inst (yes, I have to admit, that IS impressive…).

And then the concert was over again… by the end of the show, the first of the ladies’ shirts were sold out (after Rockefeller, they didn’t have ANY lady shirts left! =:-o). That is almost frightening…
Nachspiel at Garasje, but there it was a little too much Norwegian for me, I have to admit. *g* So I went home pretty soon, had to get up much too early the next morning anyway…

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