5.8.2005 Kaizers Orchestra (Haldern Pop, Haldern)

Everybody says that Haldern is the nicest and most familial festival in Germany. I must admit that until now, the lineup never really convinced me, but this was different this year of course. And after my very bad experience with this year’s Southside festival I really couldn’t wait for Haldern – great bands, muuuuuuch smaller and in the middle of summer, so not as freezing cold as Southside. Ha ha ha… great bands and much smaller, yes, that was true, and I guess it also was one or two degrees warmer. But to make up for that, it was raining almost constantly – and I’ve never seen so much mud in one place (and yes, I’ve been to St. Gallen and yes, I was at Taubertal Festival in 2004 *g*). Which, by the way, is the reason there are no concert pictures this time – it did actually stop raining during the Kaizers show, but for one it was impossible to predict that and also, my camera would have ended up in the mud at some point in time anyway. =;-)

But actually, I don’t want to write pages and pages about the festival but more about the Kaizers gig, ’cause it was worth it. But a short conclusion about the whole festival: awefully cold, awefully wet, awefully muddy – but awesome! It’s so much smaller than the “normal” festivals, and there’s only one stage (which means that you only need to decide _whether_ you want to see a band or not – and not, which band you _prefer_ to see or which you can possibly do without). Much fewer idiots and rowdies, well, okay, there’s fewer people in general. =;-) Kind people working there, great bands, what else would you want? Well, except for good weather. Or at least the possibility to get to the entry without walking through mud up to your ankles – but well, the organizers can’t do anything about the weather. (They COULD have prepared a little better, though.) My highlights on stage were – apart from Kaizers, of course – mostly Franz Ferdinand, Phoenix and Mando Diao, Saybia and Kaiser Chiefs were also great, and actually none of the bands I saw disappointed me. Of course there were bands I wasn’t interested in, but that were few… So, thumbs up for the whole festival!

And now to Kaizers… (to Kaizers ORCHESTRA, of course, not Kaiser Chiefs – that caused a lot of confusion all the time. *g*)

So, that’s probably the definition of a perfect concert! Everything just fit together from the first second, and it was obvious that Kaizers got exactly the audience they had expected, and the audience got exactly the band they wanted! I have to admit that I was surprised – of course I had expected a great concert, but I was amazed by so much energy and power on stage. I mean, it’s still the “old” show, and by now it should be a little bit boring – for me as well as for some musicians. =;-) But I was wrong about that. Not that it was the best Kaizers concert I’ve ever seen – but it’s a shared first place together with the shows in St. Gallen and Rockefeller!

They started with Ompa til du dør, followed by Bøn fra helvete and Hevnervals. And well, what can you say – up to 100 percent from the very beginning! I was suprised when it got more and more crowded behind me in the break before the Kaizers gig, but the crowd really wanted to see and celebrate Kaizers. And that’s what they did, and Kaizers joined the party. Which lead to Killmaster suddenly hopping through the aisle in front of the stage AC/DC-style, Hellraizer almost laying on stage during the “Trio Infernale” (now, that’s my term for it *g*) ’cause he was giving all he could, and the Jackal pushing the audience constantly.

The rest of the setlist (again from memory, but my memory is pretty good *g*): Container, Di grind, Sigøynerblod, Bak et hallelujah, Kontroll på kontinentet, Delikatessen, Señor Flamingos adjø, Blitzregn Baby, Maestro.

Of course they were also talking a lot, because they had been there two years ago (“anybody here who was there that time?”), and that time, they jumped into the lake directly after the show, together with five ladies (“any of those here tonight?” – “No, it wasn’t you, you’re not blond” – “Hmm, we would recognize you if you were naked…”). And after the show, we were all invited to join them in the lake. Sure, thanks a lot, but I was dirty and wet enough already. =;-)

Then they started to brag about their German skills (like about all other bands before them *g*), first the Jackal delivered a phrase in perfect German (sadly nobody could remember it after the concert, but it was something like “Wie geht’s euch”, probably… *g*). Hellraizer answered with a perfect “was macht’s?” (ok, the words are German, but that’s about it) and felt great about it. *rofl* Aehem. Then the real bragging started, who’s German is the best, and in the end somebody said something like “it’s enough now, Gunter”. No. I have NO idea what that was supposed to mean, and we were looking at each other totally confused. *lol*

And this time there was constantly something to see on stage, not only to hear… For example, that Hellraizer and Killmaster started a guitar duel during one of the announcements, aiming at one another with their guitars, each playing one note and then discussing about who won. *rofl* Or that the Jackal probably spent more time on some barrels than on the stage floor, which was the reason Killmaster had to use Hellraizer’s barrel for his solo during Kontroll på kontinentet, as his was occupied *g*, and that somebody standing on a barrel was no reason not to bang on it. Well, what else should you do? =;-) Or just that the Jackal needed a little break inbetween and enjoyed being wiped off with a towel. While the others were busy playing, of course. Or that Hellraizer tested gravity (hmm, what will happen if I throw this stick in the air? Oh, it falls down, interesting!). Or that the whole band bowed down at the same time in the middle of Blitzregn Baby – haven’t realized that before. Or that Killmaster refused to retreat after his introduction and kept on playing instead, while the Jackal tried to motion him away, trying to make him step aside and clear the place in the middle of the stage… But who would blame Killmaster for that? If the poor guy has to work on his birthday, let him have a little more applause!

Of course all the old phrases also appeared, starting with “we came a long way for this” and “we love you already” up to “say hell yeah!” – but it didn’t matter at all. And it was worth it, ’cause the audience was just obedient to all the Jackal did and said, and after some time, finally there was a “who’s your Daddy?” and “Save me, Kaizer!” again!

Just awesome, everything… And the big broad smile on all our faces after the show was really due to the concert and the concert alone – well, of course it’s also very nice when Killmaster hands out beer from the stage and the Jackal marvels the Kaizers flag while going off stage. *g* Then after that there was a total chaos ’cause we wanted to get rid of the stupid birthday cake, but we managed that brilliantly and with great help (THANKS again!), and then there was Saybia as finale of the evening. And the next morning, the sun was up and shining… (okay – exactly until the moment when the first band started playing, but I don’t want to complain. *g*). What else could you wish for?

Greetings and a lot of thanks for a great weekend to Laura and Annika, it was a lot of fun with you. And now I’m really curious about how Kaizers can top this during their tour… but I have no doubts that they will manage!

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