11.9.2004 Kaizers Orchestra (Rockefeller, Oslo)

I’ve known Kaizers for a little over a year now – and of course I had to see the last concert before the break. Even though – or maybe because? – it took place in the Rockefeller in Oslo!
So I already decided some months ago that I wanted to go there, I convinced a friend that Kaizers are so great and thus it is definitely worth to travel far for them, and then we were in the plane, going to Oslo.
The first night we used to do some sightseeing, locate the clubs and bars, and meeting other fans that also took upon themselves the trip from Germany. The next morning we spent with even more sightseeing and some shopping, and then we were off to the “vorspiel” at Truls’ place. For the Non-Norwegians, a “vorspiel” is a party before the concert, as alcohol is so expensive in the bars that without starting drinking early, one cannot affort to go to a concert… =;-) So I finally met some of the Norwegian fans (best greetings to everyone!), and with a lot of music, Norwegian lessons (they are called “Kaizersh”! =:-o) and Truls’ punch (with a lot of love! *lol*), we prepared for the concert. Then a last “Mr. Kaizer, hans Constanze og meg”, hand in hand, and then we were off to the Rockefeller.
As we Germans dared to cut into line a little rudely, there was no problem getting into the first row. Very much to the side, however, in front of Killmaster, but that didn’t matter – there on the side one could even breathe throughout the concert. =;-)
The Goo Men opened up for Kaizers, very nice, I really liked it – there is still some room for improvement, it seemed a little stiff and you could see they were acting and it wasn’t “real”, but the music is great, and the show also was very good. And after that, the big moment was there! Helge entered the stage all alone and started the concert with “Mr. Kaizer, hans Constanze og meg”, with the audience singing the whole lyrics – a great start of a concert. It wouldn’t work like that in Germany of course, but it was really great! After that, the other Kaizers came onto the stage, and the concert went on “like always”. Which means that they played the well-known songs in the known order (the complete setlist can be found on drmowinckel.com) – however, everybody in the audience sang along on every single line, so it was definitely not “like always”… *g* For Killmaster, it seemed to be the most normal thing in the world that so many fans had come from Germany (and Iceland, and whereever… *g*) to see the concert, the Jackal’s reaction was a little more surprised… hach. =;-) They played one song after the other, in general they played about every song that they usually played at recent concerts. Katastrofen, the two new songs, Dr. Mowinckel and for the last time (officially at least) 170. Of course one could have expected more, but I was totally satisfied with what they played – they were in a great mood again and putting a lot of energy in all their songs. And this in addition to the great atmosphere in the audience was very impressive…
I can’t say much about the announcements between the songs this time, ’cause those were in Norwegian of course… *g* Once in a while I picked up something, but not very much. *gg*
And then it was time for the encores – Hellraizer entered the stage all alone and played “Naade”. Wow, awesome… after that, the Jackal picked up Hellraizer’s guitar, and they went on with “Rullett” and after that, “for the first and last time”, “Dekk bord”! Wow! The Jackal ruined the last verse though, as he was already at the end and Hellraizer couldn’t really get his way at the mike, but well, it was great anyway… *g* Then of course the Gypsy Finale, and they were gone… =:,-(
But only for a few minutes. Then they returned on stage and played their last song, “Die Polizei”. The Jackal was more than just impressed when the fans sang along word by word – this song has never been released and thus only exists on some bootlegs in the internet! Anyway, everybody knew the song, and at the chorus, Kaizers didn’t even need to play along anymore, ’cause the audience was singing all alone… “Du finner meg aldri igjen, for eg har gått av stien, die Polizei…”
The band was standing speechless on the stage, totally moved, Janove sat on stage crying and was comforted by his colleagues… impressive. Really, this was a worthy goodbye – and after what I have seen, I don’t think they’ll make it through a whole year without concert… =;-)
Then they disappeared for good, I got an oil-barrel-bat-thingy from the backliner (thank you thank you thank you!!!), and after a rather unspectacular after show party I was back at the hostel around 3:30… finished, but happy, it was really worth all the effort, it was sooooo great!
The remaining days were then spent with sightseeing again, surprisingly we accidentally met the other mad gals (i.e. the other Germans who had traveled to Oslo) all the time – Oslo is small! Of course we had to check out the Garage, buy the KGB-CD at Internasjonalen, watch “Alt for Egil” (we even understood a little! *g*), enrich Platekompaniet and see a concert in Mono with Truls and the others. No comparison, of course… *g*
And that was it, after 4 days in Oslo we returned home. It was a very nice vacation, a terrific concert, and even though Oslo really is unbearably expensive, the whole thing was more than worth it. Greetings and a big Thank You to all I met there, vi sees – at the next Rockefeller concert at the latest!

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