4.7.2004 Kaizers Orchestra (Spirit of Music, Uster)

The next morning, it was time to go to Uster. Only 80 km away, thus a very short distance.
The festival there was really weird, it started with Vivian, a Swiss punk/rock-band (not bad at all!), followed by Kaizers, then Stereophonics, Blondie and as headliner Lenny Kravitz. Very interesting mixture, right? *g* Well, what are you gonna expect from that? Right: Lenny Kravitz fans that only come to the festival in the evening or – if they accidentally arrive early – pass their time in the sun, do a little picknick in the stadium, and don’t care at all for what is happening on stage. And that’s exactly how things were going… a pretty small crowd of people interested in the music in front of the stage, and the rest of the audience sitting around in the sun, being lazy… *grr*
But fortunately, that didn’t really matter, cause Kaizers delivered their show perfectly (well, except for a little problem with the guitar in the end, but things like that happen). And those people that took the effort to stand in front of the stage were after all very impressed! And I know of at least one new fan… *gg* And when Kaizers crossed the area after the concert, still in their concert clothes, people cheered them, so I guess they did indeed take control of Switzerland, even if the Swiss didn’t really watch the show… *g*
Oh, and there’s no photos from this concert, as I wasn’t allowed to take my camera… *grr* And I was to lazy to do a second attempt. =;-)
The concert was a little shorter than the one in St. Gallen, so there were two songs missing in the setlist, Evig pint and Sigøynerblod, apart from that, the setlist was identical to that from St. Gallen.
They didn’t talk as much, one reason being probably the shorter time, another that the audience didn’t react very well. But so the Jackal was busy encouraging the audience all the time: “Rise up and bring your Swiss asses to the stage!” However, the audience was clapping and singing along pretty well, but judging by the Kaizers’ reaction there would have been a lot more possible with the crowd of people present in the stadium… =:-/
The “highlight” was when the Jackal did his excursion to the audience and was standing on the barrier in front. Apparently, the first row for Lenny Kravitz was already waiting there, and when the Jackal came at them, they were fleeing… *rofl* So that resulted in the Jackal standing on the barrier all alone, without anybody in front of him, and without anybody to hold on to, balancing on the rail… Aehem, great, really. Hey, kids, he doesn’t bite! He only holds on to your hair sometimes, aehem, well, that might have been one of the reasons for the girls running away… *gg*
Anyway, Kaizers delivered a solid show, Prince William was working his bass in really weird positions, the guitar-players climbing the oil barrels and running into each other, the Jackal pushing the audience with and without microphone, and the six didn’t let the heat stop them. Just that Killmaster looked a litte, well, ridiculous with his sunglasses, but who am I to judge… =;-)
After that, the other bands were playing, the EM final was broadcast on a big screen, then another night in the car, and now I just returned home and wanna say THANK YOU for the awesome concerts, THANK YOU for giving me the possibility to be a fan and thus have the chance to spend such great weekends, and see you on the club tour!

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