26.6.2004 Kaizers Orchestra (Verdur Rock, Namur)

Three weeks without Kaizers – much too long! But finally they played again in Belgium, this time for the first time in the French-speaking part. And of course I had to be there – and I wasn’t the only one, many German fans planned to go there, so this was gonna be a really nice day, with a Kaizers concert to make it perfect!
Finding the place was pretty hard, I guess Belgians really never heard of signs… *sigh* I finally decided that the car in front of me was going up to the citadel and just followed it… =;-) Well, it wasn’t going to the citadel, but it helped me find my way out of town to the street leading up to the citadel, which was good enough. I even found a parking space directly in front of the entrance – perfect! Well, unfortunately the weather wasn’t perfect, it was gray and raining a little, but it wasn’t too bad either, so I’m not complaining.
The area was really nice: A big amphi theatre with steps leading down to the stage, a really big and impressive stage and around 8000 people – wow! Only the organisation of the festival was terrible, no escape routes, too many people for too little space, no aisles where one could get through… okay, it was a free festival, but still there should be some basic safety principles!
The bands playing before and after Kaizers seemed to be pretty well-known in Belgium, I hadn’t heard of them, but they weren’t bad! So the atmosphere was good, and when Kaizers entered the stage, they captured the audience at once. Kaizers played song on song, without much talk inbetween, so there’s not very much to report about the concert… The Jackal ran out of colors again when introducing Hellraizer, Hellraizer’s guitar took control over him during the introduction, Killmaster accidentally hit the Jackal after his solo (which looked kinda funny *cough*) and embraced him to apologize, and after asking for questions, the Jackal was asked for his name, and so we could finally scream “Save me Kaizer!” again! And for the first time in his life (at least that’s what he claimed) the Jackal made the audience do the wave, and it worked out and looked really good!
The setlist: Ompa til du dør, Bøn fra helvete, Hevnervals, Container, Veterans klage, Mann mot mann, Di grind, Kontroll på kontinentet, Katastrofen, Evig pint, Encores: Bak et hallelujah, Resistansen.
After (and also before) the concert, I met a lot of people again, hi to you all! It was really nice to see you again or to learn to know you! And now I’m looking forward to the Switzerland concerts… =;-)

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