4.6.2004 Kaizers Orchestra (Alterna Stage, Rock am Ring)

Rock am Ring – wohoo! I have been there twice several years ago, but in the last years I found it just too big and too bombastic and too – expensive. This year, Kaizers were supposed to play as “Late Night Special” just after the last headliner on Friday. And of course I had to work the whole weekend, or well, I should have worked… =;-) But I decided I just HAD to see this, and as Shirin could organize cool free VIP passes (THANKS again!!), there was no reason to miss out on the concert!
So we were on our way to the Nürburgring Friday afternoon – in the rain, of course. Yeah. I remember – that was another reason why I wasn’t that crazy about going to Rock am Ring the last years. *g* But as soon as we arrived, the rain stopped, we had no troubles finding a good parking space, we got our passes and were totally amazed by the terrific view from the VIP stand. An awesome crowd of people, a gigantic stage, very impressive – no good for the Kaizers concert though, as they played on the other stage, but that didn’t matter cause we wanted to be in front anyway… *g*
Okay, so we only had to pass the afternoon and the evening – and somehow Kaizers chose the worst day of the festival, for me at least, as I wasn’t interested in any of the other bands playing that night… =:-( Well, it’s fun to just watch people, and the rest of the time can be spent feeling important and waving the pass! *lol*
Then finally it was late in the night, the Black Eyed Peas left the stage, and we made our way to the front row (which wasn’t as hard as we had expected). Stupidly it was freezingly cold (okay, not freezing, but cold *g*), and it had started to rain again – it is understandable that the “normal” festival audience wouldn’t stay to see a totally unknown band at two o’clock in the night… I guess they didn’t know what they missed. =:-/
There’s not much to tell about the concert itself, the setlist was identical to the one in Cologne: Ompa til du dør, Bøn fra helvete, Hevnervals, Container, Veterans klage, Mann mot mann, Di grind, Kontroll på kontinentet, Evig pint, Encores: Bak et hallelujah & Resistansen.
The atmosphere was great – at least in front, it was obvious that not all of the people in the audience saw their first Kaizers concert. But also the “first-timers” were caught in the action at once, the way it always is at Kaizers concerts! =;-) People were dancing, screaming and singing all the time – great!
The gig was already broadcast as stream, and the atmosphere was visible pretty well, and probably it’s also gonna be shown on TV. And the concert was worth to be recorded – even though there are no details I remember, but the atmosphere was very nice. Just that Killmaster should maybe try to hit the oil barrels instead of his knee… *ouch*, and I don’t wanna know how cold the Jackal felt, but well, you gotta look cool, I guess… =;-)
Everything was over by 3 a.m., the remaining spectators (much too few, sadly =:-() left, and we were going home. I returned Sunday to see some more concerts, and I gotta say it’s really a pity that Kaizers played on Friday – because of the weather, on the one hand, as if it had been a little warmer and not raining, surely more people would have stayed, and on the other hand because of the “opening bands” =;-), which IMHO were a little poor on Friday… anyway, it was worth it, see you next year on the center stage! (Megalomanie rulez! *lol*)

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