1.6.2004 Kaizers Orchestra (Underground, Köln)

A club-show, 150 people in the audience, TV recording – well, that sounded pretty good, especially before all the festival shows! And it didn’t only sound good in advance, but the concert was really great – but I’m anticipating… =;-)
Actually I didn’t have any time at all, but for a Kaizers concert I don’t mind driving 3 hours to Cologne in the middle of the week. *g* On the way I picked up Shirin and Joyce, finally back on the road together =;-), and we were there before the doors opened and thus we could already check out the “Biergarten” in front of the club. Then the concert started with “Phono Royal”, the first band of the night – aehm… what the heck? Who booked them the same night as Kaizers? What did this someone think? And what kind of drugs were they on?!? But fortunately they didn’t play very long, and the weather outside was beautiful… =;-)
Then Kaizers came on stage, the club was more and more crowded (and hot and hotter *g*), and they started with Ompa til du dør. The setlist (from memory, I hope it’s correct like this): Ompa til du dør, Bøn fra helvete, Hevnervals, Container, Veterans klage, Mann mot mann, Di grind, Kontroll på kontinentet, Evig pint, Bak et hallelujah, Resistansen. Encore: Dr. Mowinckel.
There’s not very much to report, they played their set pretty tightly, without much talk in between (okay, at some point in time Iggy Pop was called on stage – well, a fan that looked like a mixture between Iggy Pop and John Frusciante – according to Kaizers, anyway *g*). The concert was pretty short due to the Rockpalast guidelines, but with these temperatures I guess they wouldn’t have wanted to play much longer anyway… =;-)
I liked it when during Hellraizer’s introduction, as the Jackal was enumerating the colors Hellraizer looks good in and was just coming up with “red”, Hellraizer accidentally pointed at his head first instead of his guitar. *gg* And the Jackal’s look as he was suddenly standing in front of an empty microphone holder (he had thrown down the microphone without noticing earlier) wasn’t bad either… *lol*
Then there was a lot of interaction with the audience, of course. Killmaster, Hellraizer and the Jackal were in the middle of the “crowd” regularly. What was a little bothering were the cameras which took up the first row, but what are you gonna expect for a TV recording… =;-)
Evig pint ended like normally 170 does, and the Jackal even managed to keep the audience quiet (cause normally people like to scream something during quiet pauses, especially at recorded concerts), very impressive. And the Gypsy Finale wasn’t played in the traditional form, but as encore, they played Dr. Mowinckel.
So, the concert was great! And after the concert it was also very nice, Shirin celebrated her birthday (respectively her “lucky day” *g*), there was Kaizers-cake and nice talks, and at some time around 2:30 in the night we decided to go home… So I could enjoy the sunrise in the car and was home around 6 a.m…. well, hey, that’s Rock’n’Roll… =;-)

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