17.4.2004 Kaizers Orchestra (Viva Velinx Festival, Tongeren)

The concerts in Germany were over, now we were going to Belgium. First up was a concert in Tongeren. No problem – that’s only one and a half hours from Bonn! That’s what we thought… but we didn’t take into account the fact that there are NO signs telling you where to go in Belgium, so we accidentally drove into Liège and it took us over an hour to find our way back out… *sigh*
For that reason we missed the only interesting band of the festival (except for Kaizers, of course *g*), I Am Kloot. When we arrived, some reggae-band was playing, and after this some weird belgian band, so we were bored to death… =;-) Pål Jackman didn’t play this time, and Kaizers themselves had only 55 minutes, so they had to play a very short set this time. But the setlist was really nice, I liked it a lot, they played exactly the right songs! Unfortunately, I don’t have a setlist for this concert, but if I remember correctly, they played “Ompa til du dör”, “Bøn fra helvete”, “Hevnervals”, “Container”, “Mann mot mann”, “Di grind”, “Kontroll på kontinentet”, “Dr. Mowinckel” and directly afterwards and without break the Gypsy Finale.
When playing “Container”, Janove didn’t count “one, two, three” like he did during the concerts in the Netherlands or “eins, zwei, drei” like during the concerts in Germany, but “un, deux, trois” – aehem, this was the Flemish-speaking part of Belgium… *g* Before they played Dr. Mowinckel, Hellraizer announced they would do some more barrel-banging now, but “Don’t try this at home! It’s verrrry dangerous! If you want to, you can try it at your neighbor’s house!”. *rofl* In the middle of one song, Killmaster jumped off stage and ran through the audience, very nice. “Kontroll på kontinentet” was announced by Janove as “the best song ever written” (Hellraizer: “Yes, by you.” – Jackal: “Yes, it was written by me.” *rofl*).
Kaizers delivered a great show – just like always. But anyways the concert was pretty lame, but this was obviously and exclusively due to the audience. Apparently nobody in the audience knew Kaizers Orchestra, and though I had the feeling that the atmosphere was warming up a little towards the end of the concert, the audience didn’t catch on. This was a real pity, cause Kaizers were hot and managed to deliver a great show though they only had little time, but the audience didn’t appreciate it… =:-(
Anyways, the concert was worth the trouble, especially since we could spend the night very comfortably at a friend’s place (thanks again!) and thus get on our way to Antwerp, to our final show of the tour, well rested the next day.

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