16.4.2004 Kaizers Orchestra (Faust, Hannover)

After a night that was much too short and an afternoon that was much too long, we started off for Hannover. The club was nice, and we were just in time for the first band of the evening. This band was called “Urlaub in Polen” and did electronic music, okay, that’s something I don’t care about, but well, I knew that before we came there… *g* Shirin and Joyce really liked the band though, and I gotta say, it’s okay to listen to it once in a while live, but only “once in a while” and “live”… =;-)
Very soon Pål Jackman entered the stage, and he seemed to have gotten a lot of inspiration from last night’s gig in Cologne… *g* Øyvind came on stage for the Erlkönig and took over the whistling in the beginning of the song. Additionally, Pål played another song this night which hadn’t been played before during the other concerts, but which had been a good success during the bar-concert the night before. And it also worked out in Hannover, especially cause Steffen (the merchandiser) supported him on drums.
A very good Kaizers-Konzert followed, which was cheered madly by the audience. The setlist would have been the same as in Munich and Potsdam, but the Jackal accidentally announced “170” instead of “De Involverte” – and that’s what they played then, so they skipped over “De Involverte”, “Dr. Mowinckel” and “Katastrofen”. So they owe us three songs! *grmbl* =;-) The setlist that was played was: “Ditt skift”, “Ompa til du dør”, “Bøn fra helvete”, “Hevnervals”, “Container”, “Veterans klage”, “Evig pint”, “Mann mot mann”, “Di grind”, “Kontroll på kontinentet”, “Medisin og psykiatri”, “170”, and as encore the “Gypsy Finale”, as always. Hellraizer was very nervous (at least that’s what the Jackal claimed *g*), cause it was his first time in Hannover. The Jackal interviewed him about how it was to be in Hannover for the first time – but Hellraizer was too busy drinking to answer that. Same with the question how he liked it in Hannover. So the Jackal continued questioning him, Hellraizer had been to the park, playing guitar for the junkies, did they like him there? And Hellraizer knew the answer to this one: “Oh yes, oh yes, they liked me!” *rofl*
Though only very few of the spectators had seen a Kaizers-concert before (the Jackal counted only 20), the atmosphere was great. At the very beginning of the concert, someone screamed “save me Kaizer!”, to which Janove just responded “hey, you’re too early!” The guy was allowed to shout “Hallelujah” then, however, so he was saved… *gg*
Janove wanted to know how many people had already bought the “Evig pint”-album. There was only one man raising his hand, so he was instantly invited to all coming Kaizers-concerts, and to be on the guestlist for all shows. So, after that, a lot more people who already had the album raised their hands… Jackal: “Now, how did I know that?” *lol*
When the Jackal asked if there were any Finnish people at the concert, one guy threw himself in pose and shouted: “No, but I’m Danish!” – which made Janove start a short monologue about Danish people, Metallica and posturing… =;-)
During Sigøynerblod, the Mink ran to the front of the stage and as always demanded the song to be played faster. So the audience had to scream: “Schneller, Minken!” – and of course they did play it “schneller”.
And then there were a lot of little things that I strangely remember from this concert, like Janove running out of colors when introducing Hellraizer, or that he loved the “german choirs”, or that he was pretending to put out of tune Hellraizers guitar at some point during the concert (if looks could kill… =:-o). But you have to see all this live… the concert was terrific! What was a lot less terrific were the three hours on the autobahn afterwards, but we got through smoothly and thus arrived in Bonn at 5 in the morning, “already”… anyway, it was worth all the trouble, none of us three regretted the trip to Hannover!

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