12.4.2004 Kaizers Orchestra (Atomic Café, München)

Last time in Munich was great, so we had to be there again this time, of course! Or well, anyway! =;-) Finding the Atomic Café wasn’t very difficult, as we knew more or less where to go: always in the direction of the Hofbräuhaus, and then to the place where the tour bus is blocking the one way street… *lol* This problem was solved pretty fast, luckily, as otherwise it would have led to a total chaos. *g*
We spent the afternoon in the “Englische Garten”, watching surfers (yes! honestly! *lol*) and collecting our forces for the concert. The concert started a little late, as usual. Though it was Easter, the Atomic Café was full, the atmosphere was good, and after Pål Jackman had started the concert and had gotten a lot of applause for his “Erlkönig”, Kaizers entered the stage through the audience. Killmaster must have lost his shoes somewhere along the road, and the Jackal poured his wine evenly on my arm and his shirt… *cough* (Hey, how was I supposed to know he was behind me? =;-)) The stage was really low – compared to for example Amsterdam – maybe 30 centimeters high, a fact that caused a lot of interaction with the audience throughout the show. Are there any other clubs where it only takes two steps down from the stage to be standing in the middle of the audience?
As in the Netherlands, Kaizers started with the new song “På ditt skift”, which worked out much more fluently this time. And it’s a great song! In the middle it seems as if the next song would start, but then they take up the melody from the first part again. The setlist was the same as for the concert in Nijmegen, after “På ditt skift” they played “Ompa til du dør” and “Bøn fra helvete”. After that, the Jackal welcomed the audience. Then came “Hevnervals”, “Container”, “Veterans klage”, and “Evig pint”. In between the Jackal had to make sure that we love Kaizers Orchestra, of course. Cause on stage one would always fear, that “oh, they hate us, we traveled a long way for this, I miss my mom… but, do you like Kaizers Orchestra? Do you LOVE Kaizers Orchestra?” Well, of course we do! So we were told to forget about his mom and think about our moves instead, cause now they played “Mann mot mann” and of course we had to dance… During the solo part, the first excursion into the audience took place (okay, some time before the microphone holder had already landed in the audience and on my feet, ouch! *g*). The Jackal picked up Hellraizer, set him on his shoulders and marched through the audience while Hellraizer played his guitar solo. Cool! “Mann mot mann” somehow ended with “Billie Jean” then, no idea how that could happen… =;-) And as the people of Munich liked to dance (Jackal: “You owe me 50 bucks, Hellraizer!”, which Hellraizer didn’t like to hear, somehow… *g*), the next song was another danceable song, namely “Di grind”. The Jackal couldn’t really decide why the atmosphere was so great that night: because it was a Monday night? Or because it was Munich? Anyways, we were a good audience: “You know when to dance, you know when to clap, you know when to sing, you know when to shut the fuck up… good audience. So, what’s your name? Pascale?” *lol*
As always, “Kontroll på kontinentet” contained the traditional introduction of the band. Except that Hellraizer decided to stand facing the back of the stage when he was introduced, and this time I had my camera ready… *grmbl* =;-) Anyways, the Jackal made up for this by running around through the audience, causing a total chaos with his microphone and cabel… *gg*
After that, they played the second new song, “Medisin og Psikiatri”. Then the Jackal announced a song from the time of the depression, or, more precisely, from the dark ages, as Hellraizer corrected. Yep, exactly, from 2003, like, last year. So, a song from the “new” album, and this album is so depressive, so dark, so sad, so melancholy… Turbonegro is nothing! Three nights before, a man died during this song, and the Jackal didn’t want this to happen again. So, all people who had problems with their heart were supposed to step back two steps (which Hellraizer obediently did *g*). And then, of course, they played “De involverte”.
Afterwards they switched places on stage, Hellraizer took the place in the middle in front of the microphone, the Jackal took hold of the crowbar, and Killmaster took the rattles and other rhythm things. The Jackal started to talk about how he envies James Hetfield of Metallica because he can stand on stage in front of 10000 people and sing “oh yeah”, and then Thunder had to give a short impression of a Metallica-song – which sounded really good! As a result, “Dr. Mowinckel” ended with a Metallica guitar riff. Commentary by the Jackal: “If you could be Metallica for just 15 minutes, what would you do? Sing ‘oh yeah’ in front of 10000 people and play this riff!”.
Of course, we had to scream “yeah” and “hell yeah” throughout the concert, but this time very short and cut off, “that sounds like a Kaizers audience!”.
After “Dr. Mowinckel”, the Jackal advertised Hellraizers radio show on Radio Eins: “Hellraizer solves your problems! Call 00112233, every Monday 5 to 6, never on Sundays, no problem is too big!” *rofl*
The audience then cheered Janove’s introduction for “Katastrofen” so much that he already wanted to stop after the introduction (it can’t get any better anyways, or what? *lol*), but of course they played it in full length.
The next song was about… a beautiful girl lying on the beach. She’s walking into the water… and it’s really cold. Cause this is Norway! Then she realizes that she is pregnant. Her husband left her the day before, to fight in the war. He left her, he fought in the war, they lost, he died… sad story. Aehem. *rofl* And his “name” was “170”, of course.
Then they were done with their official set, and as always they returned, not only with the finale, but with the “Gypsy Finale”. And again, Janove went down into the audience, climbed over pillars, speakers and tables and was surrounded by his fans and followers. Hell yeah! They are soooo great, ingenious and impressive!
After the concert, Helge Kaizer discovered his love for music on the dancefloor =:-o, until Kaizers started off for Potsdam. We spent the night in the cold car and watched some strange German pop-band in Nürnberg the next night, a band which actually turned out not to be that bad… *g*
And I guess I went into a lot of detail this time, don’t know how that happened. But I think the next four concerts will all be handled with just one report or something like that, we’ll see… =;-)

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